A Tale of Little Berry Forest is the best farming game

A Tale of Little Berry Forest

Those games which have a connection with nature are always on high priority for me. I love those mobile games which are cool and calm in playing strategies and that what A Tale of little Berry Forest is all about. It is a unique game which is made with oil pastels and there is no computer graphics works for its image. This leaves an impressive image on me. There are many little and cute characters in the game.

Let’s see some good features:

  • Story: There is an interesting tale associated with every character. When you will play you will get it easily.
  • Animations: The animations are great. They are attractive and user-friendly.
  • Play time: It is 3 hours of play time.
  • Use of oil pastels: All the images are not computer graphics work. There is a use of oil pastels in this game and that’s what make it different from others.
  • Supporting multi-language: It supports Korean, Chinese, English, Spanish and Japanese.
  • Background: I love the background in this game. It’s really amazing and real looking.

Availability and price: The game is available for both stores iOS and Android. The price of the game is $0.99.

A Tale of Little Berry Forest

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A Tale of Little Berry Forest is the best farming game Sunil Sharma
Game play
A Tale of Little Berry Forest is a perfect game for those who love to connect with nature even on playing on the mobile phone. I’m totally happy with this game. Thank for reading.
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

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