Bingo Tale is perfect pack of entertainment

Bingo Tale is perfect pack of entertainment

One of my brothers recommends me Bingo Tale game which impresses me a lot. After playing this game I’m sharing my own experience over here. The game is available at Apple Store for iOS & Google Play Store for Android as FREE. To know other things, continue with your reading.

Bingo is always on the top of my favourite game list. I love to play this kind of mobile games to refresh my mind. And that what Bingo Tale is offering to the players. Let’s explore the features of game.

Some of the top features are as follow:

  • HD Graphics – The graphics used in the game is of High Definition.
  • Multiplayer game – You can add your friend or cosine to join your game. You can play up to 4 cards if you like some multi-tasking.
  • Invite your friends– You can also invite your friends to play this game at Facebook.
  • Colorful – The game is totally colourful giving wonderful interface.
  • Give competition to the other players – You can also compete with the other players in the world.  
  • Bingo Party – You can even chat while playing the game.
  • Collect Treasure – You can collect the treasure chest in this game & open them for power-ups, free tickets & other things.
  • Leader Boards – You can check the leader boards on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Tutorial video – There is tutorial video at the beginning of the game which helps in understanding the game in a better way.
  • Can be played Online or Offline – This is one of the fantastic feature of this game as you can play the game offline or online. That means you don’t need internet at all the time.
  • Play anytime & anywhere: You can play this game regardless of time and location.

Note: The game is not intended to win any real money or prize.

Special Advice: The game is not for your kids or children’s. Make sure that you are 17 years or above to play this game due to its gambling feature.

Last but not least – Big thanks to developers:

I want to say thanks to the developer team i.e. Triviologic LTD to bring this concept to the user. I don’t have any complaints regarding this game. All things are fine and up to a remark.

Bingo Tale is perfect pack of entertainment
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