Domination: Earth

Explore the globe with Domination: Earth game

Domination: Earth” is a strategy game that takes place in the real world around you. Check in wherever you go using your phone or tablet to capture places and pieces of land, expanding your global military empire! Use captured lands to build military bases, recruit armies and establish regional dominance; create alliances with your neighbors to fight against foreign threats or simply build a... »

Tap 'n' Build 3D game

Show Your Creativity With Tap ‘n’ Build 3D Craft Game

Do you like idle games, indie games, build & crafting games, capitalism games, incremental games or offline clicker games, but most of them get boring quickly? Then play Tap ‘n’ Build 3D – Free Tap & Crafting Game for free!! 🐷 SUPER DOPE GAMEPLAY Just keep tapping the screen. Tap with ALL FINGERS. The perfect idle clicker game, without ever feeling bored! Find all the pre... »

Share your pickpocketing experience on WalletPicked app

Share your pickpocketing experience on WalletPicked app

Walletpicked” app gives latest information about pickpocket prone areas worldwide. This app is your reliable companion that helps you remain alert and careful in the most vulnerable pickpocketing areas across the world within 15 km from your current location. Experience sharing: This app allows an individual to share their pickpocketing experience and help others avoid any mishaps in such areas. T... »

Safe Text

Communicate With friends and keep your privacy with Safe Text

Safe Text® is a texting service that is built with state of the art technology to ensure your privacy and anonymity. We’ve removed all links between what you text, who you are and who you text. – You can erase a message or picture on all recipient’s devices after you’ve sent it – No Safe Text exists for more than 24 hours – Custom user defined delete options – Screen captur... »


Pick the perfect floral or virtual gift with eFloristApp

The easiest way to make someone happy? Send flowers or share virtual funny pictures! It is now even easier, you can do it right from your Mobile Device! Dozens of floral ideas ready to be delivered in more than 120 countries worldwide and funny pictures created directly by your creativity! The App has been designed to drive the user in a simple and intuitive way, and in only 5 steps! eFloristApp ’... »

Enjoy Unnamo The Earthworm On Your Android Phone

Enjoy Unnamo The Earthworm On Your Android Phone

Meet Unnamo the Earthworm, the most valiant and beloved inhabitant in the history of the Swamp! Get to know Unnamo better in this cute award-winning interactive fairy tale! Our wanderer has grown up and is ready for adventures. Help him to conquer the world and find his fortune. Get acquainted with four sides of his character, because each of them has its own virtues and vices. Time will come and ... »

Enjoy the ultimate puzzle game Toons Toy Blast Crush puzzles with unique game play

Enjoy the ultimate puzzle game Toons Toy Blast Crush puzzles with unique game play

WELCOME TO THE FUNNIEST CARTOON PUZZLE ADVENTURE! Toons Toys- Blast Crush cubes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun! Enter a crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging levels! Blast cubes, create amazing items and overcome obstacles to pass levels and get the highest scores! Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang... »


to help forgetful people to remember

RMBR is an application that enables you to link events, people and information in order not to forget anything. Birthday of your boss’ son, date you met your partner, presents given to your wife or received from your parents-in- law. Diploma dates of your children, first rendez-vous, ideas for holiday destinations, you can store it all within RMBR and access it whenever you wish. To be even more e... »


Try india’s Group Social Payments Application EventSum

EventSum is India’s first and unique Group Social Payments Application that makes it easy for anybody, either an individual or a small business or a group of people to chip in / contribute money for a common cause or an Event. Whether it’s for a birthday party, paying maintenance for an apartment, paying local cable provider, arranging a baby shower or a sports league championship, Eve... »

Take Care Virtual Panda Bear and Help Him to Grow Up

Take Care Virtual Panda Bear and Help Him to Grow Up

Pu is a cute little panda who loves to eat, have fun and take selfies. He expects you to feed him, dress him, clean him and take care of him. Dozens of activities and exciting mini-games are available to take care of your new friend. Are you ready to take care of your new and adorable virtual pet ? . ADOPT PU : Give him a special name and make it evolve to reach his adult size. He is so cute ! . D... »

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