Follow your favorite influencer with ALIST

Follow your favorite influencer with ALIST

Description There are lots of the things that you can do nowadays with an easy tap on your mobile, thanks to the mobile applications to enable us for the same. Being involved in charity works I like one of the apps named as ALIST. This is a great fusion of charity and social media. With this app, one can follow the favorite influencer and can win exciting prizes. App Features: Easy to understand M... »

Word Up Dude

Word Up Dude is best Scrabble mobile game

There are lots of scrabble apps available on the play store but I love Word Up Dude. The reason behind this is its features. This helps in the improving the vocabulary. I like to play with words and that why I access this app. After using this app, here I share my own experience. Features: Easy to understand: The game is easy to understand. Once you play the game you will easily get the things. Tu... »

Lock your child’s cell phones app and let them learn through StudyLock

Lock your child’s cell phones app and let them learn through StudyLock

It’s really frustrating some times that our kids all the time stuck with a cell phone. Isn’t it? Are you also one of them then here I’m introducing you to one app name StudyLock. This app is all about preventing a kid to access phone by locking some selected apps & games. Your child can only unlock those apps by giving correct answers to some questions. It’s a new intelligent and smart way to ... »

HD Video Downloader

Download any favorite video from HD Video Downloader

Watching any video is really entertainment full. Most of the people face problem in downloading the videos. Here I introduce to HD Video Downloader app which is all about getting the video from various websites for free. As per my personal experience, it is a really nice app to get the favorite video. This app is made for the purpose of making the downloading of video easy and fast. It is availabl... »


Moodio II opens the gate for my regional songs

Listening radio is really wonderful as we get a lot of calmness. I love to stay tune on the radio as it is sometime more entertaining than a music player. However there is inbuilt radio in the mobile phone, but I love listen to regional language radio and that what Moodio II app simplifies. This app is really providing all sorts of radio stations in all the 50+ regional languages of India. When I ... »

Life Timer

Life Timer opens a new door for my life

Lifestyle has a direct impact on our health. With changing few habits, we can make our life heaven or hell. It is also well said that health is wealth. But for this we always need a good guidance and that what Life Time app is providing. I recently access this app and really it’s beneficial. Want to know more? Keep on reading my review. The app is all about the life expectancy that how much expect... »

Perfect watermark app for everyone

Perfect watermark app for everyone

I’m a photographer by profession and usually I have to deal with photographs. Eventually, I need watermarking of images in my work. But now I am happy as I got Shot On Water Mark app for my app. The app is providing watermark list and it also has auto add feature by which watermark is added to the picture. Coming on the features, the app is totally offline usable and there are no ads involve in th... »

ESTA – USA Travel Visa Waiver

Fill Out ESTA Form From Home & Save Time

Filling the form is really sounds hectic especially when you have to go somewhere. Likewise filling the ESTA form is not as easy as you have to visit the nearby US embassies. But now with the help of ESTA app, the process is much convenient as you can file your travel permission online here. What is ESTA? ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This helps all those tourists who... »

Pirate Pop

Use your Knowledge & win Pirate Pop Mega Quiz

Battle through trivia games with Captain Gunpowder Jack as you explore this treacherous yet colorful Quiz Pirate game! Journey across each treasure map as you answer your way through the numerous quiz games, help uncover the lost treasure and defeat the evil Captain Liver-bottom with your general knowledge. Features: • Answer thousands of quiz questions General Knowledge, Television, Film, Video G... »

Get into the world of adventurous game with Painter Patty

Get into the world of adventurous game with Painter Patty

Does your kid love to spend time on your Smartphone or tab? If kids spend time on mobile, indeed they would have a list of selected games! Have you installed Painter Patty? If you use an Android-powered device with Android 4.0 and upper versions, this amazing game will support your device. Hedgefrog Software LLC has released Painter Patty game. The last update of this game was on December 29, 2017... »

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