Tap 'n' Build 3D game

Show Your Creativity With Tap ‘n’ Build 3D Craft Game

Do you like idle games, indie games, build & crafting games, capitalism games, incremental games or offline clicker games, but most of them get boring quickly? Then play Tap ‘n’ Build 3D – Free Tap & Crafting Game for free!! 🐷 SUPER DOPE GAMEPLAY Just keep tapping the screen. Tap with ALL FINGERS. The perfect idle clicker game, without ever feeling bored! Find all the pre... »

Enjoy Unnamo The Earthworm On Your Android Phone

Enjoy Unnamo The Earthworm On Your Android Phone

Meet Unnamo the Earthworm, the most valiant and beloved inhabitant in the history of the Swamp! Get to know Unnamo better in this cute award-winning interactive fairy tale! Our wanderer has grown up and is ready for adventures. Help him to conquer the world and find his fortune. Get acquainted with four sides of his character, because each of them has its own virtues and vices. Time will come and ... »

Lions Sphere

Lion’s Sphere : Enjoy The Unique Puzzle Game

Lion’s Sphere is a new 3d puzzle inspired by the most popular toy of all time – Rubik’s Cube. – Be clever and face the brand new logic challenge – solving the eight color sphere. – Relax enjoying realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and meditative music. – Come up with your own algorithm and become the first solver of the Lion’s Sphere in the worl... »

The Emoji Clash Game

The Emoji Clash Game is Best Emoji game for game lovers

Welcome to Emoji world! As we live on this planet with our own relationships, restrictions, love, feelings and so on the Emoji’s also live in the same way by creating its own world and they help us while we interact with other people. Emoji’s are stubborn with peak ego which even we never seen in humans and hence they never mingle with each other. We brought you the best game with unique game play... »

The Figit Spinner

The figit spinner 3.0 is most relaxing fidget spinner simulator in your pocket!

Ever wanted a Figit Spinner but don’t want to take the risk of buying a bad Figit Spinner? Well The Figit Spinner 3.0 is a free Figit Spinner app with all kinds of different spinners for you to chose from. And the best part is there’s no risk! Features: ★Free ★Smooth Design ★Over 15 different spinners ★Buy Upgrades with the spinning coins you earned ★Real Life Spinning Have fun spinnin... »

Run & Gun

Get back your stolen treasures in ‘Run & Gun: BANDITOS

Run fast. Shoot sharp. Get what’s yours! Your precious treasure is stolen. Enemies are all around. Be the hero and take back what’s yours! The greatest challenge you can find is already here. Run and collect as much gold as you can. Test your skills with various obstacles and shoot your way through vast number of enemies to survive the run. Unlock your full potential to beat them all. Get in... »

Swordsman Legend

“Swordsman Legend” – The most exciting action run & rush game

“Swordsman Legend” – The most exciting action run & rush game in this year The concentration of legendary ninja battles is here ! Swordsman legend is the wonderful combination between running through maps and action game. Playing a role as a speedy hero, stickman run, players will fight against monsters, demon warriors or mysterious tactics in the Kungfu world. KEY FEATURES IN THE ... »

Code Adventures Is Challenging Puzzle Game To Learn Coding

Code Adventures Is Challenging Puzzle Game To Learn Coding

Take the exciting first steps in programming and delve into the world of Aurora – an utterly lovable fuzzball that needs your help to get back home. Code Adventures is a brand new puzzle game that utilizes programming concepts as its core mechanics. Seemingly simple, the game teaches complicated concepts like procedures, loops and function overloading. A challenging puzzle and a gentle intro... »

Enjoy The Car Games For Toddlers To Improve Your Skills

Enjoy The Car Games For Toddlers To Improve Your Skills

Car games for kids, is free and is carefully designed for young kids and children from the age of 3 to 10 years old. It is simple to control the car racing games. Also it is very easy to build the cars in the garage game. Car Games for kids is composed of two games, Car Puzzle games for kids and Car Racing games for kids, which is an endless runner game. Both car games are easy to play, designed t... »

Play Crimson Warden True Fantasy RPG Game play On Android

Play Crimson Warden True Fantasy RPG Game play On Android

Crimson Warden, is an adventures and fantastic environment game. In this game Crimson Warden is your hero , one of the King’s elite warriors that must secure the cursed realms until the army arrives. You feel very adventuress and great awesome play during this enemy journey. Its have nice designed and graphics with awesome sound effects. This feels a 3D environment gamming. Gaming controls a... »

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