Feel the simple and unique concept of playing with btw.

I love to pass my leisure time on playing the games on the mobile phone. Moreover, I like those games which are very simple to play. One such simple game is btw. available at Apple Store. It’s really user-friendly and also very good at playing. It is made in focusing with the user-friendly concept. It’s like this game is made only for those who like to play games which are non-violent. The app is ... »

Bingo Tale is perfect pack of entertainment

Bingo Tale is perfect pack of entertainment

One of my brothers recommends me Bingo Tale game which impresses me a lot. After playing this game I’m sharing my own experience over here. The game is available at Apple Store for iOS & Google Play Store for Android as FREE. To know other things, continue with your reading. Bingo is always on the top of my favourite game list. I love to play this kind of mobile games to refresh my mind. And t... »

Pirate Pop

Use your Knowledge & win Pirate Pop Mega Quiz

Battle through trivia games with Captain Gunpowder Jack as you explore this treacherous yet colorful Quiz Pirate game! Journey across each treasure map as you answer your way through the numerous quiz games, help uncover the lost treasure and defeat the evil Captain Liver-bottom with your general knowledge. Features: • Answer thousands of quiz questions General Knowledge, Television, Film, Video G... »

Shapely Ninja

Shapely Ninja an addictive game to play for both for kids and adults

Shapely ninja is a highly addictive game, • Tap to switch sides • Match Shapes to pass • Collect coins and use to escape death Download now and play against your friends to see who can get the highest score!   »

Jack of Hearts Card Game

Jack of Hearts Open source game with a lot of features

Game Description: Put your thinking to the test in this puzzle game. The principle is simple, move the cards in one of the 4 directions with your finger to merge the identical pairs. By merging the identical pairs you get a bigger card. Merge again and so on to get the Jack of Hearts. Follow us on Facebook Do not hesitate to leave us your suggestions.   »

Tap 'n' Build 3D game

Show Your Creativity With Tap ‘n’ Build 3D Craft Game

Do you like idle games, indie games, build & crafting games, capitalism games, incremental games or offline clicker games, but most of them get boring quickly? Then play Tap ‘n’ Build 3D – Free Tap & Crafting Game for free!! 🐷 SUPER DOPE GAMEPLAY Just keep tapping the screen. Tap with ALL FINGERS. The perfect idle clicker game, without ever feeling bored! Find all the pre... »

Enjoy Unnamo The Earthworm On Your Android Phone

Enjoy Unnamo The Earthworm On Your Android Phone

Meet Unnamo the Earthworm, the most valiant and beloved inhabitant in the history of the Swamp! Get to know Unnamo better in this cute award-winning interactive fairy tale! Our wanderer has grown up and is ready for adventures. Help him to conquer the world and find his fortune. Get acquainted with four sides of his character, because each of them has its own virtues and vices. Time will come and ... »

Lions Sphere

Lion’s Sphere : Enjoy The Unique Puzzle Game

Lion’s Sphere is a new 3d puzzle inspired by the most popular toy of all time – Rubik’s Cube. – Be clever and face the brand new logic challenge – solving the eight color sphere. – Relax enjoying realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and meditative music. – Come up with your own algorithm and become the first solver of the Lion’s Sphere in the worl... »

The Emoji Clash Game

The Emoji Clash Game is Best Emoji game for game lovers

Welcome to Emoji world! As we live on this planet with our own relationships, restrictions, love, feelings and so on the Emoji’s also live in the same way by creating its own world and they help us while we interact with other people. Emoji’s are stubborn with peak ego which even we never seen in humans and hence they never mingle with each other. We brought you the best game with unique game play... »

The Figit Spinner

The figit spinner 3.0 is most relaxing fidget spinner simulator in your pocket!

Ever wanted a Figit Spinner but don’t want to take the risk of buying a bad Figit Spinner? Well The Figit Spinner 3.0 is a free Figit Spinner app with all kinds of different spinners for you to chose from. And the best part is there’s no risk! Features: ★Free ★Smooth Design ★Over 15 different spinners ★Buy Upgrades with the spinning coins you earned ★Real Life Spinning Have fun spinnin... »

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