Domination: Earth

Explore the globe with Domination: Earth game

Domination: Earth” is a strategy game that takes place in the real world around you. Check in wherever you go using your phone or tablet to capture places and pieces of land, expanding your global military empire! Use captured lands to build military bases, recruit armies and establish regional dominance; create alliances with your neighbors to fight against foreign threats or simply build a... »

Work hard for guaranteed success with the company of 10,000-hour clock app

Work hard for guaranteed success with the company of 10,000-hour clock app

It is impossible to achieve desired success without hard work. You have to sweat hard for the expertise you want to gain. You need a mentor, companion or someone who will keep track of your hard work. As we know it is difficult to get such companion who will dedicate his precious time to count your hard work hours. This problem is solved by the 10,000-hour clock application. This app will provide ... »


Social Graces : The Secrets to getting your family to communicate

Running a household is hard. Getting everyone to pull their weight—darn near impossible! But Social Graces is here to help. Consider us your magic pocket manual that will unlock the secrets to getting your family to communicate, take on responsibility, and follow through on their promises! Our tools and guidance will help you excite kids of all ages to do their part for your family. Cover chores, ... »


BiorhythmΩ app to predict the life’s events easily

▷ Protect yourself by checking biorhythm daily. ◉ How much of percent (%) are you today? Stamina, judgment, emotion, etc. If you are not feeling well about the following measures, how about checking your biorhythm? If your biorhythm does not function appropriately, it is recommended to avoid unreasonable activities. Something might you don’t want to happen. Biorhythm can be referenced in all... »

Cupid Rescue Most addicting Heart Matching Game

Cupid Rescue Most addicting Heart Matching Game

Match 2 or more hearts to rescue small cupids, more than 100 levels of play. Also FB connection is available so that you can compete with your friends. Features: – – Cupids theme with lots of fun!! – Beautiful interface & graphics. – Regular updates with new challenging levels. – Connect with friends for unlimited fun!! – Match 2 hearts to create supercharge... »

Lions Sphere

Lion’s Sphere : Enjoy The Unique Puzzle Game

Lion’s Sphere is a new 3d puzzle inspired by the most popular toy of all time – Rubik’s Cube. – Be clever and face the brand new logic challenge – solving the eight color sphere. – Relax enjoying realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and meditative music. – Come up with your own algorithm and become the first solver of the Lion’s Sphere in the worl... »


A New App Engraver Turns Your Photos into old-style engraving artworks

This app is so much fun to play with, but it’s much more than a toy. With it, you can create images resembling the hand-made works of a true master who spent painstaking hours over a work of art. The Engraver app lets you turn any picture into an impressive old-style engraving that looks hand-drawn. A powerful, extremely qualitative engine and carefully selected presets of parameters let you... »

Discover and play all your favorite podcasts with Pods – Podcast Player

Discover and play all your favorite podcasts with Pods – Podcast Player

Offline first, simple and VERY fast podcast player No on boarding or registration. Focusing on playing and discovering podcasts We love podcasts, so we made a podcast player that is full featured, beautiful and easy to use. Key features ⁃ Discover: Subscribe to any podcast in iTunes and more. ⁃ Browse by charts, networks and categories ⁃ Share quotes from any podcast, unique feature ⁃ Spread the w... »


Grab Food And Great Deals Using Forkspot

Forkspot is a mobile app that gives you on-demand discounts every time you walk into restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could save money every time you ate at a restaurant? How about if there was some magical way to see live discounts that were available at restaurants in your area instantly, the very moment you wanted to eat? Well, now there is! Introducing Forks... »


RMBR app to Remind You Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Important Dates

RMBR is an application that enables you to link events, people and information in order not to forget anything. Birthday of your boss’ son, date you met your partner, presents given to your wife or received from your parents-in- law. Diploma dates of your children, first rendez-vous, ideas for holiday destinations, you can store it all within RMBR and access it whenever you wish. To be even more e... »

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