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HD Video Downloader

Download any favorite video from HD Video Downloader

Watching any video is really entertainment full. Most of the people face problem in downloading the videos. Here I introduce to HD Video Downloader app which is all about getting the video from various websites for free. As per my personal experience, it is a really nice app to get the favorite video. This app is made for the purpose of making the downloading of video easy and fast. It is availabl... »

Out Focus Filter Editor

Out Focus Filter Editor is perfect blur effects adder

Do you like to add Blur to your picture? Here I am introducing you to one app named Out Focus Filter Editor which carry perfect features regarding adding the blur in the picture. The app is quite simple and has an easy mechanism which anybody can use. As I love to do different experiment with my pictures, I found this app to be pretty useful. Apps features are the main reason behind this. So are y... »

AlphaBlur Image Effects

Add the eye-catching blur effects into your picture using AlphaBlur

Adding the blur into the background of the image is really making the picture point of attraction. I too love to have this kind of activities to make my picture attractive one. To do this kind of thing, AlphaBlur is my true right hand. I got this app randomly while searching in the Apple Store. This is the perfect app to add high-quality effects in the picture. It uses artificial intelligence &... »


Send and secure your message for future with Willy App

Sharing posts, messages, images or videos instantly or notifying on social sites is trending. How about a social app with which you could share posts to future? Willy is here to share your messages including texts, images, and videos to future. Jaroslaw Gorecki developed Willy for iOS devices with an aim to preserve the messages in real-time and get it delivered in future. The Smart Willy App for ... »

phlow zone

phlow is a free photo sharing app allows you to follow the themes you love

We all love to share our best moments and want to see other’s moments also .social media is great platform to do this but sometime the social media become so annoying with lots of irreverent photo which we don’t want to see. Photo-sharing is a booming market on mobile platforms. It is not surprising. Nowadays everybody has a Smartphone with a built-in camera. We love to take photos and... »