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Play 3D Texas Holdem Game on your mobile

Play 3D Texas Holdem Game on your mobile

Playing the game on the mobile phone is very pervasive among the youth. There is thousands of game app available in the app store. Different people love to have a different type of game on their mobile. Although playing a mobile game is one of the ways to pass the leisure time. Game apps are always on the way to provide more and more fun for its users. Moving further and without wasting much time,... »

Icebreaker – Make your date interesting with questions

Icebreaker – Make your date interesting with questions

First of all, I would say a big thanks to the developing team of Fabien Huet for presenting a unique concept of dating. I used Icebreaker during my first date and it was interesting to have a conversation with my date-mate. After its use, I thought to share my experience with my readers here. But before going I want to clear that it’s not a date finding App. Want to know more? Go ahead. How this a... »

Pirate Pop

Use your Knowledge & win Pirate Pop Mega Quiz

Battle through trivia games with Captain Gunpowder Jack as you explore this treacherous yet colorful Quiz Pirate game! Journey across each treasure map as you answer your way through the numerous quiz games, help uncover the lost treasure and defeat the evil Captain Liver-bottom with your general knowledge. Features: • Answer thousands of quiz questions General Knowledge, Television, Film, Video G... »


A different way to manage crypto currency with Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker

Cryptonaut comes up with a different concept to manage all your cryptocurrency. Making your Bitcoin easy along with Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO & NEM. It is one of those useful things which are really in need in today’s life to manage all your digital currencies. Personally assured this that this app is wonderful for those also who are engaged in the more advance trading. No matter, whethe... »


Enjoy crazy powers in Ninja Time Travel Game on Your iPhone

Ninja time travel game is one of the popular games, which has played by a lot of children and adults in an effective way. It is important for every individual to check out for a good game, which provides different kinds of experience compared to regular games in the market. Ninja Time travel is one of the unique and creative games, which lets the user travel back to a different time in order to ch... »


Send and secure your message for future with Willy App

Sharing posts, messages, images or videos instantly or notifying on social sites is trending. How about a social app with which you could share posts to future? Willy is here to share your messages including texts, images, and videos to future. Jaroslaw Gorecki developed Willy for iOS devices with an aim to preserve the messages in real-time and get it delivered in future. The Smart Willy App for ... »

Never forget who you borrowed money with LoanRoll

Never forget who you borrowed money with LoanRoll

you always thinking about the amount you have borrowing, when it is due or what it was for can be quite tedious. To put notes on paper and in calendars makes the whole thing more confusing. The small amount of money is often forgotten over time. You could get alarm remind easily using your Smartphone in order. With LoanRoll administrator application, it gives you personal alarm reminders and notes... »

Get into the world of adventurous game with Painter Patty

Get into the world of adventurous game with Painter Patty

Does your kid love to spend time on your Smartphone or tab? If kids spend time on mobile, indeed they would have a list of selected games! Have you installed Painter Patty? If you use an Android-powered device with Android 4.0 and upper versions, this amazing game will support your device. Hedgefrog Software LLC has released Painter Patty game. The last update of this game was on December 29, 2017... »

Invoice & Estimate: JobFLEX

Generate customized invoice, estimates and quotes with simple process: JobFLEX

Many small and medium enterprises face troubles at the end of the month while preparing invoices and estimates of the employees! JobFLEX mobile is a smart app integrating excellent features helping to reduce the time for generating invoices. Within just a few minutes, the app users can generate the invoices and dedicate their time and efficiency for closing more sales and make more money in the pr... »


Get Latest Forecast Of CryptoCoins On Smartphone

Get accurate forecasts of Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto currency price compare every day. The application provides forecasts of the crypto currency prices such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and other altcoins (up to 70 cryptocurrencies) It’s a currency calculator app where you can see cryptocurrency portfolio to compare price of bitcoin. CryptoCoins Forecast helps to calculate the actual val... »

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