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Lock your child’s cell phones app and let them learn through StudyLock

Lock your child’s cell phones app and let them learn through StudyLock

It’s really frustrating some times that our kids all the time stuck with a cell phone. Isn’t it? Are you also one of them then here I’m introducing you to one app name StudyLock. This app is all about preventing a kid to access phone by locking some selected apps & games. Your child can only unlock those apps by giving correct answers to some questions. It’s a new intelligent and smart way to ... »

A Tale of Little Berry Forest

A Tale of Little Berry Forest is the best farming game

Those games which have a connection with nature are always on high priority for me. I love those mobile games which are cool and calm in playing strategies and that what A Tale of little Berry Forest is all about. It is a unique game which is made with oil pastels and there is no computer graphics works for its image. This leaves an impressive image on me. There are many little and cute characters... »

RY Debts

RY Debts is the perfect place for debts activities.

RY Debts is one of the perfect financial apps which I recommend to everyone. Its features are really impressive and I used it for my debts activities. It makes my work flow easy. Here I’m sharing my personal experience so just keep reading the review here. In this app, there are lots of useful features in this app. A user can pin the operation to keep an eye on that. Before accessing any data, the... »

Sprint Hero

Sprint Hero is all about your mind attention

Challenging games like Sprint Hero are sometimes very interested to play. Yes, it’s challenging but lovely to play. As per my recommendation, every-one should try this game. The character in the game is very cute and other pictures are also very tiny which reflect its cuteness. Coming on the features of the game, it is having colorful graphics. I love the different colorful backgrounds of this gam... »


Make your museum visit wonderful with Pollicino

Do you like to visit museum & exhibition? If yes then Pollicino is the great app for you. This is made especially for this purpose. Keep your notes related to your visit with this app. After using this app, I found this very useful and trust me you will also love this app. One eye-catching thing is that information stored in the offline mode. With the help of its QrCode or beacon, you can crea... »

Out Focus Filter Editor

Out Focus Filter Editor is perfect blur effects adder

Do you like to add Blur to your picture? Here I am introducing you to one app named Out Focus Filter Editor which carry perfect features regarding adding the blur in the picture. The app is quite simple and has an easy mechanism which anybody can use. As I love to do different experiment with my pictures, I found this app to be pretty useful. Apps features are the main reason behind this. So are y... »

Stack Town

Make Tallest Town with Stack Town

Playing the mobile game is the best gateway to entertainment. There are thousands of different categories of games but I love to play building game. Constructing a building or tower is my favorite cup of coffee. Here I will share my experience regarding Stack Town game which is all about building the tower. Playing this game is very easy and you can play it anytime and anywhere. Only you need to m... »

AlphaBlur Image Effects

Add the eye-catching blur effects into your picture using AlphaBlur

Adding the blur into the background of the image is really making the picture point of attraction. I too love to have this kind of activities to make my picture attractive one. To do this kind of thing, AlphaBlur is my true right hand. I got this app randomly while searching in the Apple Store. This is the perfect app to add high-quality effects in the picture. It uses artificial intelligence &... »


Moodio II opens the gate for my regional songs

Listening radio is really wonderful as we get a lot of calmness. I love to stay tune on the radio as it is sometime more entertaining than a music player. However there is inbuilt radio in the mobile phone, but I love listen to regional language radio and that what Moodio II app simplifies. This app is really providing all sorts of radio stations in all the 50+ regional languages of India. When I ... »

Business English Listening

Business English Listening is a gateway for good English

The English language is having its own importance as is spoken out globally. If you are professional, then this language helps you a lot. There is a lot of ways through which you can make you perfect in this language. But one way which I like most is Business English Listening app which is available for Android & iOS. I download this app as per my friend’s suggestion. The app is full of user-f... »

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