A different way to manage crypto currency with Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker


Cryptonaut comes up with a different concept to manage all your cryptocurrency. Making your Bitcoin easy along with Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO & NEM. It is one of those useful things which are really in need in today’s life to manage all your digital currencies.

Personally assured this that this app is wonderful for those also who are engaged in the more advance trading. No matter, whether your price is moving high or low, you get a notification for the same. Its single portfolio is a very good approach for all what you really need.  

Some interesting facts about Cryptonaut

  • Available in the different languages like English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and many more. This eliminates the dependency over one language
  • Supporting the different currencies so it doesn’t matter which currency you are having like USD, EUR, GBP & more
  • Totally customize application a user can set alerts to receive the notification. This is really helpful for keep in knowledge of current scenario
  • Tracking of values are easy in this app
  • You can track the value over 1 hour, day, week or month. The time is all about yours.
  • Any crypto currency or token you can add in this app  

What is a new thing in this app?

Whenever a coin gets move, a user can get percentage based alerts and app also uses much fewer data.  


A different way to manage crypto currency with Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker Sunil Sharma
Great UI
All Coins
Price Track
Cryptonaut - Crypto Tracker is a very good and easy approach to manage all your crypto currencies at one place. No need to worry about your geographical location or the language. Now you need not worry. Just install this and access this app to experience the difference. Hope you enjoy accessing this app like me.
User Rating: 4.8 (1 votes)

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