Enhance your memory with color snake

Color Snake vs Walls

Hello, readers hope you doing well. I am here sharing my words to one of the games named as Color Snake vs Walls app. The game is all about the simple approach that you can enjoy anytime anywhere once you download it. Moreover, from the name itself, you can predict that it all about the snake and walls that you need to hit.

In this review, I will describe all the details about this app that I enjoyed after playing. It really funny and entertainment oriented game. Unlocking each and everything we first come to its features I am mentioning below.

  • Easy to play: The game is very easy; you just need to swipe and play the game.
  • Endless game: The game is all about endless approach; you can play and play infinitely.
  • Free: This app is totally free and you don’t need to give any charge for this game.
  • Good user interface: The game is all about the good user interface that makes it user-friendly.

How to play color Snake vs Walls Game:

To play this game, you just need to control the snake while it’s moving ahead. Colored walls will come in the way and you must ensure that your snake should collide with that wall only with which snakes heads colour is matching. The points will be gained on the basis of matched color hit and snake balls will also be gained that will appear in the tail. In case if your snake collides with the different color wall then it will destroy.

Try to break special part of the wall which provides you more & more advantage.

Benefit of playing this game:

The main merit of playing this game is that it increases the memory.

Availability of the game:

The app is available at Google Play Store and Apple Store; make it suitable for Android and iOS platform.

My experience:

I am playing this game and I found it so much entertainment giving game. I found it to be useful and have no complaints. There is nothing about the difficult thing in this game.

Enhance your memory with color snake Sunil Sharma
Endless game
User Interface
Graphics 4.0
In my final summary, I would like to say this thing only that Color Snake vs Walls app is a complete package of entertainment. It’s for everyone and anyone can use it. Just download and have fun!!
User Rating: 4.9 (2 votes)

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