Explore the globe with Domination: Earth game

Domination: Earth

Domination: Earth” is a strategy game that takes place in the real world around you.
Check in wherever you go using your phone or tablet to capture places and pieces of land, expanding your global military empire!

Use captured lands to build military bases, recruit armies and establish regional dominance;
create alliances with your neighbors to fight against foreign threats or simply build a missile launcher in your backyard to keep a lid on the invaders of your hometown!

Construction resources keep appearing all over the globe, so in the process of their collection you will explore places you’ve never seen before: think “geocaching on steroids”!

You can also engage in “item scrapping”: any real-world item with a barcode can be transformed into a resource by using your camera (don’t worry, you still get to keep your items afterwards!).
Books, toys, DVDs, soda cans – almost anything becomes a source of crafting materials.

Traveling to another country?
Make sure to check in five times in any spot to establish a new base of operations: once you’ve collected enough resources you can send your armies to the overseas base in order to advance your influence remotely even after you’ve left!

Will you be the next ruler of Earth?

Domination: Earth


Explore the globe with Domination: Earth game Sunil Sharma
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Capture place
strategy game
This Domination: Earth game by Epic Dragon is a popular game in the real world game category. You can use the real place pictures to play this game. So, take a picture of place wherever you go. This game has GPS plugin which helps you to check in the place you go. You have to capture the nearby land. You must have Smartphone or tablet working on Android platform of 4.4 version or above. This lets you expand your military empire in this strategic game. This gaming app can be marked interesting with more than 50K installation on record. This Domination Earth game is the level up version of games recording places you go. This game records the places for creating the travel log and also suggests places to explore. At these new places, you can get resources for the Domination Earth game. You get a chance to become a country’s leader on the global map of the game. For this tag, you have to capture the land with the highest square mileage. This app motivates the player for biking, cycling, hiking and alike forms to explore more places. After collecting such resources, you can build regional dominance, construct military and recruit your army too. This strategic game is fun which let you fight with the neighbors by using alliance army and built the military of the game. Use barcodes of the real world things to include them in your resource list. These resources can be DVDs, Books or toys. The gamer must sign in five times for new base establishment. After collecting the resources gamer can move forward to send armies to overseas bases. This Domination Earth game has an overall rating of four out of five stars. It gets full on rating with respect to fun element. The graphical interface of the game is user-friendly and designed with fascinating colors and patterns. The game also gets a good rating in engagement factor as it keeps the hikers and travel explorers engaged in capturing new resources and places. It can be summarized that this game is the best platform to motivate you in exploring new places.
User Rating: 4.7 (2 votes)

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