Feel the simple and unique concept of playing with btw.


I love to pass my leisure time on playing the games on the mobile phone. Moreover, I like those games which are very simple to play. One such simple game is btw. available at Apple Store. It’s really user-friendly and also very good at playing. It is made in focusing with the user-friendly concept.

It’s like this game is made only for those who like to play games which are non-violent. The app is not having any kind of complexity. It’s sober and simple. There is no target and no tension of scores in this game.

Let’s unlock some of the features here.  


  • Simple to play
  • Easy to handle and understand
  • Good graphics
  • Mute option is there to switch off the music
  • Good sound & good music
  • Toggle is there to switch the light

Price of btw.- The game is not free and the cost is $0.99.  

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod & iPad. It requires iOS 10.0 or later.

The game is quite addictive, once you start plying it. You will become a fan of this game. If you want to relax your mind or divert your mind then this game is perfect.

Strategies in the game:

The concept is very simple. There will be a field in which a rope will enter. You need to drag that rope to collect the circles and signals appearing in the field. After that you need to exit from that field. The moment you exit, you will enter in the next level. There are different levels in this game.


Feel the simple and unique concept of playing with btw. Sunil Sharma
Challenging levels
I found this game very good in fun and I don’t have any complaints regarding this. It’s a perfect place of fun. I wish I could find more and more levels. I would like to give 4.5 out of 5 rating to this game.
User Rating: 4.5 (1 votes)

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