Funniest dares and challenges share it with everyone using OverDare


If you’re looking to spice up your life, entertain at a party or just have fun with some friends then we know just what you’re after… A Dare App!

We all know how fun the truth or dare game is, but sometimes it can be hard to think of good truth or dare questions. Now of course you can always use Google and find some questions, but this take ages and involves a lot of work. That’s why we suggest that you instead download a truth or dare app to your phone or tablet. Then you’ll always have it ready to go. Truth or dare apps are also great at creating a fun environment, for both parties and for your own private naughty truth or dare game.

OverDare is a social app that revolves around daring & challenging yourself and your friends to perform the funniest things on camera and share it with everyone. If you love to take challenges then this app give you most craziest and funniest challenges to prove yourself. Get ready to show by completing them and post your video or perform the challenging on camera. The app is really interesting and take the truth and dare game to next level. Why you should go with OverDare ? Because you can

-Watch hilarious and fun videos of other users performing dares and challenges.
-Rate each video.
-Accept dares and challenges, film yourself perform them and upload to the community.
-Comment on videos and communicate with other users through the comments section.
-Share videos and dares to your Facebook page or Twitter.
-Dare your friends by sharing videos and dares to your friends Facebook page.
-Invent and suggest new dares and challenges to the OverDare community so that anyone can try them, and perhaps create the next viral internet challenge!

Its full with Dares !!!


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Funniest dares and challenges share it with everyone using OverDare Sunil Sharma
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