Generate customized invoice, estimates and quotes with simple process: JobFLEX

Invoice & Estimate: JobFLEX

Many small and medium enterprises face troubles at the end of the month while preparing invoices and estimates of the employees! JobFLEX mobile is a smart app integrating excellent features helping to reduce the time for generating invoices. Within just a few minutes, the app users can generate the invoices and dedicate their time and efficiency for closing more sales and make more money in the process!


  •    For the smartly integrated features, it is easy to generate invoices and estimates within few minutes using the app.
  •    With this app, one can easily manage the clients by creating, organizing and storing detail info of the clients. This feature allows accessing the stored info anytime.
  •    You don’t require staying connected to the internet for using the excellent and advanced features of the app. Without an internet connection, you can easily generate invoice and quotes.
  •    The app users can add images of the company logo, site photos, product photos, etc. to the invoice or estimate before submission. Such feature helps to turn the invoice or estimate look professional.
  •    Calculating invoice or estimate is quite easier and faster on this JobFLEX app! Deliver the estimate quickly and get the payment faster.

Features in the app for preparing invoice and estimates

  •    Easy access to custom item list
  •    Easy to copy estimates and quotes
  •    Easy to convert estimate to invoice with single tap
  •    Customizing invoices and estimates with company info or logo
  •    Creating lists, invoices, and estimates as per required different categories
  •    Sending estimate or invoice via text or email
  •    Clients allowed accepting the electronic signatures on estimates for approving acceptance.
  •    After electronic signature of the client, the estimates will get marked as paid
  •    Tracking outstanding invoices and estimates is easier via phone
  •    Keeping a track record of the material lists and other items for any concerned work is easier

Who are the app users?

JobFLEX is quite helpful for contractors and other professionals in a similar profession. Painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, deck builder, remodelers, window contractor, insulation contractors, HVAC contractors, etc. can reap the best advantages from the app.

Apart from the professionals, small and medium businesses will get flexibility for preparing and managing quotes, invoices, and estimates. Photographers, child care or housekeeping, service providers can easily manage and handle the works responsibly.


JobFLEX mobile app works excellently reducing the time of generating invoice, estimates and quotes. It is easy to customize the invoice, quotes and estimates creating a good impression for the business. The most impressive part is, the makers actively follow the feedbacks and rectify the errors!

Last words

As per the growing requirements and specifications of the app users, the app owner modifies the app in intervals. For the growing demands, the app owner also provides annual subscriptions at discounted rates.

Invoice & Estimate: JobFLEX

Generate customized invoice, estimates and quotes with simple process: JobFLEX Sunil Sharma
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Work offline
Fast invoice creation
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