Get your preference event with Jangubuzz

Get your preference event with Jangubuzz

Hey! Are you guys involving in events activities? Then here I am having one of the apps named as “Jangubuzz” which provide you events in buzz. The app is providing all sorts of solutions about your event. I accessed this app and thought to share my own experience so keep on reading this.

What app is all about?

The app is totally based on event activities that you can make easy with this simple application. Either you are seeking for an event or organizing the event, it makes no difference for Jangubuzz. You need to just access it and see the result.  

Let’s talk about its features:

  • Create your own event: You can create your own event as per your preference. No matter about the category.
  • Discover events: You can seek other events which are popular as per your need. You can follow other users and send them invitation regarding the event.
  • Get category list: Find the categories of the events through the app list.
  • Receive invitations: You can receive the invitations of the events which are near to your location.
  • Bookmark your event: You can bookmark your favorite event with this app.
  • Buy or sell the ticket: You can buy or sell the ticket using this app which makes more convenient. This is how it makes ticket related work paperless.
  • Check other events: You can check the other events which are hosted by other users.

Availability of the app: The app is available at Apple Store only for iOS mobile phone.

Special thanks to developing team: I just want to say a big thanks to the developing team for this product. This app makes my work easy and now I don’t need to take much stress about my events. I enjoy using this app regarding my all event-related activities.


Jangubuzz is really a helpful app for me and I would like to recommend this to every individual who involves in events. It makes your task easy and convenient. Simply download it and access it to gain easy task.

Get your preference event with Jangubuzz
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