to help forgetful people to remember


RMBR is an application that enables you to link events, people and information in order not to forget anything. Birthday of your boss’ son, date you met your partner, presents given to your wife or received from your parents-in- law. Diploma dates of your children, first rendez-vous, ideas for holiday destinations, you can store it all within RMBR and access it whenever you wish. To be even more efficient you have the possibility of inserting pictures and voice memos

to help forgetful people to remember Sunil Sharma
User Interface
Voice Memos
By being a knowledge worker, we are bombarded with due dates, things to remember, special events coming up, and projects that we need to spend time on to complete. Even the best of the best productivity gurus out there struggle with keeping track of time and dates. If you are one of these people that struggle, here is best app RMBR that can help you stay on time and make sure that you don’t forget a due date again. With RMBR You can create your contacts or import them from your directory and add all the details: important dates, clothing and jewelry sizes, culinary preferences, allergies and any other useful information. RMBR’s intelligent notifications and reminders informs you in due time of deadlines. Easy to use, elegant and indispensable app for all who forget important events and dates
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