Icebreaker – Make your date interesting with questions

Icebreaker – Make your date interesting with questions

First of all, I would say a big thanks to the developing team of Fabien Huet for presenting a unique concept of dating. I used Icebreaker during my first date and it was interesting to have a conversation with my date-mate. After its use, I thought to share my experience with my readers here. But before going I want to clear that it’s not a date finding App. Want to know more? Go ahead.

How this app working?

There is nothing complex concept in the app. You just need to download and install it. Once it is downloaded, start it and there will be some questions on the screen. Ask the question to your partner or you can do vice versa. Once you swipe the question, the other will be presented on the screen of your mobile phone. After completing this, the question answer game will be over.

Eye-catching points:

  • Easy to use & understands
  • Good sensible questions which help you to discover your partner
  • Giving concept of passing a good time with your partner
  • Available in dual language English & French
  • Know your partner well and his or her mindset

Some of the questions which are there in the app

Would you like to be famous? In what way?

You can ask a magic lamp one question about anything. What do you ask?

You can pick anyone in the world as a lunch partner. Who will be that and why?

So guys what you think about the type of questions? Isn’t an interesting one to answer them or ask them to your partner?

What makes Icebreaker a different app?

Icebreaker is not guaranteed about your falling in love but yes there is a different concept of this. It’s all about knowing your GF or BF. You can ask some questions which can make your memorable time. No matter you are taking lunch or dinner.

What was my experience with the app?

Well when I dated at my weekend, I honestly answer the questions and ask also. It was a fantastic approach which I never experienced before. I just know each and everything about my partner and we both enjoy that with some different feelings.

Icebreaker – Make your date interesting with questions Sunil Sharma
user interface
swipe mechanism
Icebreaker is although a dating app but it’s not finding the date-mate in near-by your area. It’s all about the decent dating approach which anyone can follow if interested. Planning to date? Install and play this question game.
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