Life Timer opens a new door for my life

Life Timer

Lifestyle has a direct impact on our health. With changing few habits, we can make our life heaven or hell. It is also well said that health is wealth. But for this we always need a good guidance and that what Life Time app is providing. I recently access this app and really it’s beneficial. Want to know more? Keep on reading my review.

The app is all about the life expectancy that how much expected do you live. Initially, when you will open the app, you need to answer some of the questions. These questions will be based on your eating’s, sleeping, and another part of your lifestyle. On basis of your answer, the report will be shown to you at the end.

Some of the interesting features:

  • Easy: The app is quite easy to use. There are no complex strategies.
  • Simple graphics: The graphics are very simple and user friendly.
  • Free: The app is free to download
  • Suggestions: There are health tips for the user. The suggestions are made in an easy language.
  • Reminder: there is a reminder option on the top which will remind you about the health checkup, exercise etc.
  • Sharing: You can also share it on facebook
  • Advice: You can get advice from the advice option given above.

Availability: The app is available at Google Play Store for the Android users.

Life Timer opens a new door for my life
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