Mail365 optimized email client for exchange servers allows you to create your own personalized email list

Mail365 optimized email client for exchange servers allows you to create your own personalized email list

For those who struggle with a number of email accounts, mail365 is an innovative app that helps you keep things directly organized. An optimized email client for exchange servers, mail365 allows you to create your own personalized email list. These different Exchange Server –office365, Exchange Online or Exchange 2010.

Important Note: mail365 uses Exchange Web Services to connect to Exchange Server. Exchange ActiveSync® is NOT supported in this version. Please make sure you can connect to your Exchange server using Exchange web services before you purchase. Use this free app to test the connectivity:

The app works wonders for the busy professional who struggles to keep all the accounts straight. Here are some of the features the app has to offer its users –
• Advanced filtering and grouping of mails and different options to sort your mail list according to your preferences.
• Running in the background quietly and notifying you of incoming mail as and when it arrives.
• Rich and varied formatting of text for composes email of your own, as well as easy management of any attachments.
• Organization beyond just email, with the ability to sync to the calendar and add/manage events.
• Syncing of phone contacts to your email contacts and thereby offering a compiled and organized list.
• Easy to Manage Tasks and Calendar user can sync calendars and tasks directly to iPhone.
With mail365, you can make sure all your email is well organized and neatly sorted so that you have easy accessibility! Make your webmail list, including a VIP list of contacts you webmail most often! The app also offers you better interface that are available in Outlook to make your organization more efficiently – you can avail of Outlook send options such as asking for read and delivery receipts, setting how important the mail is, etc!

The app performance helps you organize more than just your mail; you can work your schedule around with its ability to manage your contacts and tasks! You can view your events, add, remove and edit them easily with the app. Mail365 also connect your phone contacts to your email list, integrating your overall contacts list, making things easy and faster for you.
You can connect to all your Exchange accounts! Office365, Exchange Online and Exchange 2010 are all supported; you can keep all mails from all inboxes under one screen and view them altogether. The app requires very little space as such and works in the background, so download it today and manage your email accounts with complete ease!
Exchange and Outlook are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This application has been developed by a third party developer and is not endorsed, tested or associated with Microsoft.



Mail365 optimized email client for exchange servers allows you to create your own personalized email list Sunil Sharma
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If you value efficiency and effectiveness, then your Smartphone device should be your best friend. These tech toys are capable of handling all kinds of work and personal tasks, from email and schedules to file management and to-do lists. Most of people choose to have an app which could manage all their email account. The app which can do all and also work as organizer for you is now here: mail365 yes this is the app for all our problems. The app includes great features like you can attach document, image, from your cloud storage like one drive,icloud etc. This is not ordinary mail manager app, it is loaded with extra features like scheduling task and managing you work priority. The app is tiny in size but the productivity of the app is beyond the line. Advance email management, rich text features are some features which make it amaze. Get its now !!
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