Make your museum visit wonderful with Pollicino


Do you like to visit museum & exhibition? If yes then Pollicino is the great app for you. This is made especially for this purpose. Keep your notes related to your visit with this app. After using this app, I found this very useful and trust me you will also love this app.

One eye-catching thing is that information stored in the offline mode. With the help of its QrCode or beacon, you can create your totem. Customize your content as per your choice. So in this way a user can get a lot of benefits.  


  • QrCode, Bluetooth BLE, GPS, Eddystone etc technologies can be tracked
  • It’s compatible with all available devices
  • Supporting the multi-media contents like external links, video & audio
  • iBeacon simulator
  • NFC tags reading
  • You can get daily reports
  • Marketing campaigns  
  • Daily report
  • You can send crumbs to other users
  • Give information about nearby events and promotions
  • You will get the notification when someone sees your beacon
  • Create your own personal link with Permalink

How to use this app?

Just download it from Apple Store. After installing, open the app and click on Start button. Choose either create new path or continue existing option. It will start tracking about the stand. There will be Plus sign button where you can choose the options like photo, QrCode, Manually, NFC tag as per your requirement. When you will be on your stand, it will automatically add all information.

Benefits of Pollicino:

The main benefit of this app is that you will be able to note down all your museum related information. Also, you can contact to the exhibitor. You can also share your information and also invite your friend. With this, store all museum, art and history knowledge on your device. It is also beneficial for your business.

Availability: The app is available at the apple store for iOS and on Google play for Android .   

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Make your museum visit wonderful with Pollicino Sunil Sharma
Make your every museum & exhibition wonderful with Pollicino app. I’m totally satisfied with this app and I have no complaints regarding this app. If you love history, museum and other art related work then once try this app.
User Rating: 4.9 (2 votes)

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