Never forget who you borrowed money with LoanRoll

Never forget who you borrowed money with LoanRoll

you always thinking about the amount you have borrowing, when it is due or what it was for can be quite tedious. To put notes on paper and in calendars makes the whole thing more confusing. The small amount of money is often forgotten over time. You could get alarm remind easily using your Smartphone in order.

With LoanRoll administrator application, it gives you personal alarm reminders and notes that help to keep track loaner and you only have to hold your hand. It will help to easily findout a person who borrows money from you. You can click the photo and you may get the purpose of the notification. After that, you can findout your contacts list see a particular person who borrows the amount from you.

LoanRoll Pro administrator app features:
• No more Ads
• Remind with ease
• Keeping track of loans
• Add Picture and Photo
• Set own reminder Time
• Send reminder over WhatsApp
• Change Background Color

Create entries that use the contacts to save loans with a due date. Due to this amazing feature, you may recollect your loans. You do not even need to type lengthy descriptions of the amount you’ve borrowing – just upload a photo that indicates the purpose of the money you have lent, so you can recollect form them. (Eg, from the movie, the rental share or the last shopping trip). The photo gives you confirmation about actual money. Be reminded of your smartphone or share via the app reminders of your contacts! Of course, via WhatsApp!

For use without advertising, you can unlock by InApp purchase the full version.

Let us know what you like about the app (-> *****! 😀 ) and if we can improve something! Thanks for downloading!

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Never forget who you borrowed money with LoanRoll Sunil Sharma
Remind with ease
Keeping track of loans
change Background Color
It is evident that most of the people prefer to take loans to buy various items from leading a comfortable life from time to time. It is necessary for every individual to clear loans on time, as it helps them to maintain the reputation and to get more loans on a regular basis. Lean roll - Keep Track loaner enables you to track the loans and notifies about future loan payments in an efficient way. The application has been designed with a lot of attention because it should provide information without hassles on a regular basis. LoanRoll - keep track loaner has been widely used in different parts of the world, as it helps people to update their loan payments and to provide notifications to clear the loan on time. The interface has been highly friendly and offers easy access to view information about different loans of the user in an efficient way.
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