Panda Babies Playhome is a great fun

Panda Babies Playhome

I’m a great animal lover so meanwhile I seek animal related apps and fortunately I get one of that. Yes, it’s Panda Babies Playhome that offers the best way of animal-related fun in a cutie manner. In this review, I will unlock all the things related to this game.

This game is all about a panda family and there are 6 members in the family. Each one of them has different activities. There is a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a garden.  


  • Graphics are cool with beautiful hand drawn image
  • Lots of activities to do
  • Every day is a new adventure
  • Easy to handle
  • Discovery of interacting objects

Cost and availability: The price of the app is $2.99 and it is available at the Apple Store for iOS platform.

Play with pandas and have fun with them. One of the most important things which I like most is that on every new download there is a donation made to RZSS i.e. Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. So in this way, it helps to the pandas for their conservation and better care.    

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Panda Babies Playhome is a great fun Sunil Sharma
Game play
Panda Babies Playhome must be played by everyone who loves to add animals to their game. I recommend this app to everyone
User Rating: 4.8 (2 votes)

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