Perfect watermark app for everyone

Perfect watermark app for everyone

I’m a photographer by profession and usually I have to deal with photographs. Eventually, I need watermarking of images in my work. But now I am happy as I got Shot On Water Mark app for my app. The app is providing watermark list and it also has auto add feature by which watermark is added to the picture.

Coming on the features, the app is totally offline usable and there are no ads involve in this app. Additionally, it provides brand logos with beautiful fonts. You can also make logo alignment with this app. It also provides photo curtsey signature which I usually use. You can also share your images on the social media platform with its sharing option. Regarding the format of the image, I will recommend using PNG files for this app.

Now I can protect my images and copyright with just following the simple steps. Regarding the availability of the app, it’s available at Google Play Store and you can buy it to give a new look to your photos

At the last, I will say that I am totally happy with the app and want to say big thanks for bringing this concept to the market.

Perfect watermark app for everyone Sunil Sharma
Auto add ShotOn
Logo alignments
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