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Sharing posts, messages, images or videos instantly or notifying on social sites is trending. How about a social app with which you could share posts to future? Willy is here to share your messages including texts, images, and videos to future. Jaroslaw Gorecki developed Willy for iOS devices with an aim to preserve the messages in real-time and get it delivered in future. The Smart Willy App for future got released on 22nd December 2017. Willy is compatible with iOS 10 and later versions. Set the delivery time in future and add the recipient. The messages shared with Willy become special for the recipient as he/she has to wait for it until it opens automatically!

Special Features

  • Attach a photo or make a video, write a message, tag the person in your contact list, set the date and time in the future.
  • Users can decide the availability of the message, i.e., for a week, a month, a year or a decade.
  • Users can set the timing of message display as well.
  • Adding friends, chatting with friends and in groups are additional
  • Controlling message display and deleting the message as per wish
  • Setting how long the message will be available
  • Adjusting and editing the photos, i.e., drawing or writing

Functional features

Sharing messages becomes special when wait timing grows! As per the preferences of the sender, the app will never show the send message unless the preset date and time arrives. App secures the private messages and keeps it protected and untouched. With the revolutionary concept, Willy is here to help iOS users to throw surprises to their friends on their special day. Willy- The future-focused app stores the messages and images/video attachments and delivers automatically to the recipient on the particular date and time as set by the sender.

Willy is compatible with iPhone, iPods, and iPads. Willy allows the user to control the message availability. Send surprise messages to your loved ones in future. The messages remain protected and won’t go into wrong hands!

Send and secure your message for future with Willy App Sunil Sharma
Control Message
Set Delivery Time
Add Friends
App Interface
Willy is future-focused app. It's a digital time capsule designed to change the way we communicate.
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