Shapely Ninja an addictive game to play for both for kids and adults

Shapely Ninja

Shapely ninja is a highly addictive game,

• Tap to switch sides
• Match Shapes to pass
• Collect coins and use to escape death

Download now and play against your friends to see who can get the highest score!


Shapely Ninja an addictive game to play for both for kids and adults Sunil Sharma
Addictive gameplay
Tap game
Most of the people look for a simple game, which can provide various options to play on a regular basis. Shapely Ninja has attracted a lot of people in the market because of its simple features and plays rules to play from time to time. The game lets people play at any time without having efficiently connected to the internet. The offline game has helped a lot of people to play the game without network and internet connectivity. Match the shapes and advance to higher speeds Matching shapes may be easier for most of the people, but the varieties of shapes and a decent speed helps you play the game for a long time. It is widely recommended for every user to have a good game installed on the phone, which keeps them engaged at all the time to play without internet connectivity as well.
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