Stay in touch with everything you love about sport with

Stay in touch with everything you love about sport with

Cricket, football or soccer are few of the most popular sports having about 2.5 billion fans around the globe; loved to be played and watched. But now people are too busy with their lives to even watch a match live. When you are free or have some spare time, there are always chances that your favorite match might get missed due to accessibility or some other problems.

Time is not something peoples has that much nowadays and that’s where live score apps come in handy to keep you in the loop on the latest results of your favorite football teams. Today’s FlashScore Livescore App gives you so much more than that though.

If you want to stay updated to the ongoing match, then you can easily opt for real time scoring applications, allowing you to save time instead of watching the whole match. With the help of FlashScore app you can get live scores while in office or college.

It updates regularly throughout a match to bring you the info as quickly as possible. If you can’t watch the game, this is the ideal companion app to have. Best of all is that it’s wrapped up in a lush and polished user interface that makes it a joy to play with this app follows teams from over 30 sports and 5000+ competitions around the world. So you will never miss any-important match and can keep al latest updates relevant to your team.

If you are die hard sports lover or fan then, it might be worth app to get all latest update about your favorite sport. It offers a unique ’My Games’ feature for following the user’s most popular matches across any sports.

The app interface makes it unique from all other apps. The app interface is also simple and easy to use. You should have no problems navigating through sports, competitions and individual game stats – it’s a familiar navigational style that will be second-nature for iOS users. The design is pleasant and colorful which makes looking at a bunch of stats a little more interesting than it could have been (and is in other apps).

These are main features of the app:

– fast and reliable live scoring service for football and 25 other sports
– LIVE feature that allows users to watch just the current live games for selected sport
– My Games feature with push notification – for following only the user’s favourite games
– manageable popular competitions (for all 26 sports)
– Live commentary for all the top leagues (including the football World Cup in Brazil)
– H2H stats for nearly every sport and league
– detailed league and top scorers tables + draws for all the sports covered
– comprehensive stats from football matches – including line-ups, goal scorers, cards and substitutions
– live match details for selected sports, e.g. point by point stats for tennis games.

Its great app to check sports score !!



Stay in touch with everything you love about sport with Sunil Sharma
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