Stick to your diet with suggestic – automated nutrition coach


Lose weight, get fitter or live healthier by using Suggestic to make better food choices and find healthy meals at restaurants and recipes that match your diet. It’s like a dietitian in your pocket, always learning about you and the latest nutrition science to offer you the best recommendations possible.

*Personalize: Define goals, choose your base diet and add preferences and restrictions to get your personalized diet plan.

*Follow: Based on your personalized diet, you receive instant recommendations for affordable and locally available restaurant menu items that best adhere to your diet, access to over 1 million recipes and more.

*Get Healthier: You can stop focusing on what you shouldn’t eat and let Suggestic discover and suggest what you should. It’s easy! Just follow recommendations and achieve your goals.

Suggestic integrates with Apple Health to further customize your diet and save you time. With every interaction, the recommendations become more and more personalized, leading to ever increasing efficacy.

Stick to your diet with suggestic – automated nutrition coach Sunil Sharma
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if you need to lose a few pounds, watching what you eat sounds like common-sense advice. But it's easy to lose track when you're totting up calorie counts in your head and telling yourself that one more biscuit won't make much difference. Luckily, there's no need for complicated calorie counting books, or expensive, time-consuming meetings - you just need to find the App that's right for you Meet Suggestic, which wants to help you keep your promises to yourself when it comes to food Suggestic is a free, fully-automated nutrition coach, powered by artificial intelligence that helps users stick to their diet. It offers local restaurant menu item recommendations, personalizes grocery lists, and helps with meal suggestions, recipes, and snack options. With this real-world assistance, this app will transform the way people stay healthy on a daily basis. Sticking to a diet is nearly impossible. As we’ve all tried to get healthy at one point in our life, this app could be a serious game changer
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