“Swordsman Legend” – The most exciting action run & rush game

Swordsman Legend

“Swordsman Legend” – The most exciting action run & rush game in this year

The concentration of legendary ninja battles is here ! Swordsman legend is the wonderful combination between running through maps and action game. Playing a role as a speedy hero, stickman run, players will fight against monsters, demon warriors or mysterious tactics in the Kungfu world.

– Beat the enemies by jumping and splashing.
– Paying attention and reacting as fast as possible.
– Don’t waste powerful skills which needs time to count down.
– Collect and discover new items on the way.
– Don’t give up on heavily armed bosses.
– Super unique skill named “The condor” will bring spectacular feeling for players.
– Upgrading your characters by powers-up and items.
– Smooth game control experience: nice optimized, running well on all devices.
– New levels and modes of game are continuously updating

If you are a fan of infinity running game, you can’t miss playing this game.


“Swordsman Legend” – The most exciting action run & rush game Sunil Sharma
Game control
New levels
Sitting at the metro station or a bus stop perhaps with nothing to do but stare at people walking by? Or a coffee shop maybe, waiting for someone, perhaps stuck at that one clue trying to solve a mundane crossword? If you're the proud owner of an iOS or Android device, you should be making the most of it. Casual gaming apps are gaining popularity on both these platforms that not just keep you engaged but offer a whole new level of fun. A more recent category of gaming apps pertaining to non-stop running is catching up fast with games like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride offering various levels of challenges without compromising on the fun factor. Endless runner games have become quite popular in recent years. For those who don’t know, endless runner games don’t end. You continuously “run” through the game until an obstacle stops you with the point being to achieve the highest possible score. If you are looking to play something interesting then you must check Swordsman Legend the newest entry in the action run games. Swordsman Legend is a combination of running and arcade battle game. Choose your favorite player and fight with your enemies like monsters, demon warriors or mysterious tactics in the Kungfu world. The game characters have some powerful skills that help to clear the level as well kill enemies. You can beat the enemies by jumping and splashing.
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