Use your Knowledge & win Pirate Pop Mega Quiz

Pirate Pop

Battle through trivia games with Captain Gunpowder Jack as you explore this treacherous yet colorful Quiz Pirate game! Journey across each treasure map as you answer your way through the numerous quiz games, help uncover the lost treasure and defeat the evil Captain Liver-bottom with your general knowledge.

• Answer thousands of quiz questions
General Knowledge, Television, Film, Video Games, World, Science, Music and Animals

• Complete each Treasure map
Skull Island, Dead man’s Island, Mermaid’s reef, Pirate Bay, Castaway’s caverns.

• Play Multiple Trivia games
Time Attack – Race against the clock, answer quiz questions fast and score big points.
Bomb Voyage – Avoid being blown to smithereens, as sweat beads run down your face, the time bomb fuse slowly disintegrates, but don’t fret, fast fingers will save the day.
Point Banker – Double or nothing, don’t get too greedy as you risk all your points.
Mega Multiplier – With just a few seconds to answer quiz questions, the faster you respond, the more points you earn.
Versus – Face off against the baldest of them all, Captain Liver-bottom as you in battle your way to victory.
Endless Game Mode – Can you survive the bottomless pit of quiz questions?

• Upgrade and boost you quiz games
Double coins, Double gems, Double points, Remove one, Remove two, Slow time, Ask the audience, Phone a friend, Second chance, Bonus question, Skip the question, Freeze time, Time Bomb defuse, Point insurance, Maximum multiplier and slap a paper bag on your opponent.

• Unlock multiple playable characters
Nerd, Emo, Punk, Scientist, Cyborg, Cowboy, Viking, Luchador, Zombie, Pimp, Princess, Spaceman, Witch, Vampire, Egyptian and Grandma.

• Wear Hilarious hats
Kitten, Pet Pug, Seagull, Royal Crown,Pumpkin, Paint can, Drinking hat, Roadkill, Paper hat, Road cone, Santa hat,Irish Hat, Plant Pot, Scholar, War Helmet and Dirty Diaper.

• Spin the Wheel Game
Try your luck in the wheel game! Spin and win coins and gems.

• Climb the ranks of your friends
Get the more points than your friends and reach the top of each trivia games leaderboard

Pirate Pop Mega quiz is free to play but offers game items for purchase with real money.

Use your Knowledge & win Pirate Pop Mega Quiz Sunil Sharma
Multiple games
Game controls
Unlock characters
Spin the Wheel Game
Pirate Pop Mega Quiz game is really amazing from the knowledge point of view. I download it yesterday as my friend suggested me while travelling on the bus. I must appreciate its features as it covers lots of question from different areas like animal, television, science etc. Characters in the game are funny but some of them are lock which I wish I could unlock soon. Multiple treasure maps are also very interesting in the game which I like most. It’s available on Google Play Store and Apple Store both so if you are user of any one of them just downloads it without any barrier. If you really want to boost your knowledge then I would recommend this endless trivia game. This game is totally free on the app store. I just want to defeat the Captain Liver-bottom and yes I’ll do it one day. Hope that day will come soon. Happy playing to all the users enjoy.
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