ZombieRoshambo a fun, free, and great way to meet people around the world.

ZombieRoshambo a fun, free, and great way to meet people around the world.

ZombieRoshambo is the perfect place to check in on the zombie apocalypse, attack some zombies and meet new people. Swipe right to attack them; or swipe left to move to the next human or zombie you want to attack. After you have attacked and defended you can chat with your prey on the battles screen. You can con control your roaming distance and what type of humans or zombies you are hunting off of your profile page. Hunt for zombies in your local pub or roam the entire world hunting. The profile page also lets you change your picture and check out what you look like. Are you a zombie or human? What type of human or are you a leader of the zombie apocalypse? It is easy to measure if the zombies or humans are winning with the skull icon on the main screen and make sure to check out the heat map to know where in the world the zombie infection has spread.

Fun, free, and great way to meet people close by and around the world. Users are allowed to chat with anyone that they are attacked by or that they attack.



ZombieRoshambo a fun, free, and great way to meet people around the world. Sunil Sharma
Over the past couple of years the popular zombie theme has reached maximum potential as shows and graphic novels like The Walking Dead have fallen into the mainstream, spawning tons of other zombie related entertainment and filling our minds with those lovable brain-eating creatures. There are many ‘Zombie’ themed games on the App Store, with completely different approaches to the zombies. Few shows them as terrifying things, and others show them as tiny and cute creatures. Both the approaches are enjoyable, until it is just gaming. ZombieRoshambo is one of the new approach zombie games where you have to attack new zombies. The game controls are quite easy. Swipe your game screen left to attack new human or zombie. We can change profile to look like either zombie or human. To know who is winning in battle of zombie & human check the skull icon on main screen. This is nice game to play with people around the world and share score on game leader board play now its FREE !!!
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