5 Mobile Games You Should Be Playing (But Aren’t)

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Trying to find a great mobile game these days can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s not because there’s only one needle, but rather because there’s so much hay. That is, there are plenty of great games out there, but the broader game selection has become so enormous that the good ones are more difficult to spot. For this reason, now that we’re half-way through another year of exciting mobile game releases, we wanted to list a few hidden gems across a variety of genres, showing you some of the games you should probably be playing – but aren’t.


Dandara got surprisingly little publicity given how much pure fun it is. There really isn’t too much to the game’s setup. A review we liked summed up the plot with Dandara being a woman who must fight some evil guys because they’re being jerks, and that’s really about all there is to it. However, the old-school graphics and the progressive platformer gameplay take you back to a previous era of online and handheld arcade games and make it a ton of fun to dive into. It could almost remind you of some of the older Prince of Persia PC games, though that’s just one of many associations you could make.

Knights Of Pen & Paper

This game did get a little bit of attention, but the RPG field is increasingly crowded in the mobile space, so it still might get lost in the haystack, so to speak. Developed by Behold Studios, it’s actually a pretty odd and inventive concept, set up as a sort of game within a game – an RPG imagined by RPG players, who actually appear in the game. This is a fun gimmick that adds some depth to the game, but as a playable RPG it’s also a lot of fun, and a joy to play through from a visual perspective.

Motorhead Slots

Taking a turn here, we want to highlight one of the coolest concepts to come about in a while in the occasionally dull (but super active) online casino space. A slot reel based on Motorhead is actually just part of the “NetEnt Rocks” series, which celebrates a few classic rockers through symbols and soundtracks on slot arcades. Given this music’s general popularity, as well as the semi-revival of hard rock in recent years, it feels like a game well worth highlighting. And while it originated online, it’s now available for mobile download.


G30 slipped right through our fingers the first go around, so we’re assuming the same might have happened to others. We actually found it via a write-up in a major British publication looking at the best apps that have come out so far in 2018. That write-up actually compared the game to dealing with dementia, which is an unsettling notion, but not an inaccurate one (nor one that keeps the game from being engaging). It’s actually tough to describe the gameplay, but basically, you drag colorful shapes into place, and then do the same with words, ultimately constructing sentences to reveal a hidden narrative. It’s effectively a puzzle, but a refreshingly original one.

Space Marshals

Space Marshals is a tactical top-down shooter in which you control the Marshal, Burton, on his hunt to round up criminals after a prison break. Combining Old West elements with an outer space setting, it’s a bizarre sci-fi Western that is ultimately delightful. The gameplay can get a little bit repetitive, but it’s also more challenging the deeper you get into the game, which keeps things fun and competitive. Plus, with so many shooting games these days focused on hyper-realistic graphics, it’s nice to see something so playful. We can’t think of a better top-down shooter.

5 Mobile Games You Should Be Playing (But Aren’t)
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