Add the eye-catching blur effects into your picture using AlphaBlur

AlphaBlur Image Effects

Adding the blur into the background of the image is really making the picture point of attraction. I too love to have this kind of activities to make my picture attractive one. To do this kind of thing, AlphaBlur is my true right hand. I got this app randomly while searching in the Apple Store.

This is the perfect app to add high-quality effects in the picture. It uses artificial intelligence & neural network to apply different effects in the background. With these effects, I make my picture into one of the best eye-catching place.

I do different experiments with my pictures and make perfect blur background with the help of this app. Let’s come with different features.

  • Split of background & foreground objects: The app is providing automatic feature of splitting of background & foreground objects using the artificial intelligence.
  • Different kinds of blur effects: There are different blur effects like zooming blur, radial blur & motion blur.
  • Different bokeh effects: You can have bokeh with different shapes of elements.
  • Share the picture: You can also share the image instantly with your friends
  • Highlight: You can have different highlight & star effects in this app.
  • Turbulence effects: You can also have turbulence distortion effects which you can apply at the background of the image.
  • Selecting your image size: We can select image export size i.e. small, medium, large, XL, XXL & XXXL.
  • Mask Editor: There is mask editor where you can get eraser and pencil.

Price of the app: The cost of the app $1.99

Availability: The app is available at Apple Store for iOS.

The AlphaBlur app is wonderful which can give a lot of fun. I add many of the blur effects in my picture. This in turns makes them attraction point.

If you like this app then don’t wait just click below link and with just one click on effects, icon add high-quality effects.

AlphaBlur Image Effects

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Add the eye-catching blur effects into your picture using AlphaBlur Sunil Sharma
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