An App To Help You Find Your Dream Buyer!

An App To Help You Find Your Dream Buyer!

Make a profile, start posting your listing and wait for the best offer! Encountering too many hassles in buying or selling any commodity has led to the birth of Serve An Offer!

Features of Serve An Offer’s

  • Securely save your information! The app is built to keep your information secure. This security is even provided when the app asks you to keep you logged in to avoid hassle free Use or the option can be overlooked if your portable device travels through a lot of hands!
  • Simply go La-La about your wonderful product! Simply Brag! This section is to help you keep all of your Offers Up! How people would decide well? Help them by providing the best image of your product and the associating text of 50 characters! Include the right keywords to make your product shine in the trending searches!
  • Keep an eye over other buyers/sellers Know who is there with you in the business. Know someone personally? Help others by rating them and spraying your helpful spree!
  • Not getting any listing? Invite one or all! Have been waiting for the quotes and right response? Wondering if people have seen your posting? NO worries with us! Invite one or all of the buyers in one go! Want to invite only a special person, we have got you covered! Sending individual invite with this offers coupons deals app possible as well!

Last words:  A portable app in this fast generation is always the need. To change, shift, replace and reuse, the priority need is to Sell or to Buy. With our low price shopping app, deals are locked making sure to make Serve An Offer as a save money app!

An App To Help You Find Your Dream Buyer! Sunil Sharma
User Interface
Place where offers are been served and the right price quotation is been bagged! The place among many discount shopping apps where sellers have the choice to pick the buyer, they want!
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