Android N Developer Preview may be released for non-Nexus devices

Android N Developer Preview may be released for non-Nexus devices
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The Android N Developer Preview released last month was Google’s way to offer developers a look at the new features of the upcoming Android build. The company also allowed only Nexus users to sign-up through the Android Beta Program that allowed them to test the new version, and receive new builds as OTA updates.

The Android N preview is currently only available for a handful of stock Android devices, including the latest Nexus gadgets, but that may be changing soon. A bit of code on Google’s developer website suggests the beta software could be expanding to even more products.


The HTML text notes that a version of the Android N preview for consumers could support even more devices. That includes products from Google’s OEM partners, which could expand the test to pretty much any device. However, we assume the company will still put some restrictions on who can run Android N, possibly restricting it to less modified versions of Android


Source: TOI

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