Animal puzzle Pro :Android App For Your Kids

Animal puzzle Pro :Android App For Your Kids

Love animals? Love puzzles? Love to learn new things? You’ve come to the right place then! Animal Puzzles offers you a wide variety of jigsaws that you can attempt to out together! Meant for the age group of toddlers to kids at preschool and kindergarten, the app offers you a range of gorgeous animal pictures that you can use to teach them about different animal species!
The puzzles are big, colorful and attractive, so your kid’s attention is going to remain attached to them for quite some time! Add to that the fact that we have a set of different difficulty levels – what can be more intellectually stimulating than advancing to the next level in a hard game? The images used are real-life, scenic pictures of animals from around the world – you can teach your kids the difference between a lion and a panda, the habitats of both and why one is hot and the other is cold!
The variety of jigsaws we offer help your kids to develop better cognitive skills and increase their special awareness. They’re going to be quite the problem solvers when they’re done for the day! Putting together a monkey or a dog is not only going to bring them closer to the animal world, but it’ll also help them develop better hand-eye coordination and learn about the environment we live in!
Here is what the app offers you –
• A wide range of animals to pick and choose from that you can put together! You have leopard, panda, cheetah, elephant, dog, tiger, bear, lion, zebra, giraffe, gorilla, horse and many, many more! You can learn about the difference between a carnivore and a herbivore, between domesticated and wild animals, between animals from different habitats and so much more.
• The user interface is simple and colorful, particularly geared towards preschoolers who will enjoy tapping the screen to bring the animal together! There’s also a hint option in case your child needs a little help along the way – they’ll learn about order, structure and numbers as well if they take this route!
• The more difficult the puzzle level is set at, the more the kids learn! From Easy, Medium to Hard, kids can choose to progress slowly and then feel on top of the world when they finish all sets!
• Compare scores with a friend or buy the pro-version to see how others are doing!
Animal Puzzle is an excellent way to get your children started on educational skills, even before they enter preschool. It’s fun, it’s easy and it engages your kids’ attention and keeps it! Download it today and buy the Pro-Version to play unhindered by those pesky ads and watch your children’s intellect and interest in the animal kingdom grow!

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Animal puzzle Pro :Android App For Your Kids Sunil Sharma
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Game has Nice Interigation of puzzle and education which is combo for Kids .kids enjoy to learning with app.Lets improve your toddlers education skills play now Animal puzzle Pro
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