Apple Patents One Touch Panic Mode To Provide Instant Emergency Services

Apple Patents One Touch Panic Mode To Provide Instant Emergency Services

It is perhaps a common proposition that Apple takes the security of its consumers data quite seriously.This proposition is now being extend to the consumer’s safety as well. The company has recently filed a patent application that, if implemented, promises to take things to the next level. The new patent, titled as ‘panic mode’, provides for conditions when the owner of the device is in danger or is being forced to unlock their phone against their will.

Currently, Apple allows users to enter up to five different fingerprints to unlock an iPhone, so users would just have to designate which is the “emergency” print in the Touch ID settings menu. Apple’s patent describes a situation in which a thief attempts to rob someone’s iPhone from them to gain access to their personal and private data stored within, and the user being robbed quickly placing the panic mode finger on Touch ID so the thief can’t access any data. 

The panic mode in such a situation, can do multiple things. For one, it can be set so that placing a specific finger on the Touch Id — which is one way how iPhones can be unlocked — would block access to personal data stored on the device.

So, in case a particularly smart robber asks you to hand over your device after unlocking it, you can make sure that your personal details, including credit card details etc. are safe.

Next up, the panic mode may also trigger the iPhone’s camera and microphone and enable them to transmit video and audio to ’emergency response providers’ — possibly also pre-decided by you –such as friends, family, your doctor or the police.

Very handy when you are bound to a pole, with a gang of thugs around you and can only free one finger to reach your device.

Jokes apart though, the feature actually has quite a lot of potential. To take one example, an elderly person can easily alert others in case of a situation requiring assistance.

You can also set it so that different fingers activate different panic modes. So you get your doctor when in need of medical attention, police when being held up by a burglar and so on.

While there certainy are similar apps out there, the ‘Panic Mode’ may just prove to be one of the most comprehensive out there, taking a whole bunch of different possibilities into account. However, before getting too excited, lets not forget that Apple has quite a lot of patents filed away that it simply never implemented due to variety of reasons. That being said, it’s equally probable that one of the next among the series sports the ‘panic mode’, though perhaps, safeguards will have to be set to ensure that they are not triggered accidentally.

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