Attack on your enemy and distract his position with Mortar Attack

Attack on your enemy and distract his position with Mortar Attack

I always like that kind of game which involve attacking the enemy and defeat them. It’s really difficult to find those games which can bind our interest; it’s especially risky when you don’t know about the game before downloading. But my luck work and recently I got one new game which meets expectations. It’s Mortar Attack that I’m playing these days.

Coming to the features of the game, it’s having 4 battlegrounds for fighting. One can enjoy this game with a friend as it enables the user to play with your real friend as opposition. Other than this, there are special effects in this game. Multiple rounds which you can fix as per your interest.

If I talk about the playing strategy of the game, it’s having a battle based strategy. You need to make the aim and fire in such a manner that the position of your enemy gets distracted and destroy. Move your team, set your weapons position incline or decline and fire the bomb. In other words, we can say that you need to calculate how to strike. If you set the exact aim and fire, you will be able to destroy the position of your enemy.

Mind it sure that is an addictive game. Even I too get addictive with this game. It’s actually a classic game that I love to play in my spare time. Simple and sorted, this game is for all age group.

Download Mortar Attack and experience the enjoyment.  Once you will understand and start playing, you will defiantly enjoy the game.

Mortar Attack


Attack on your enemy and distract his position with Mortar Attack Sunil Sharma
Challenging level
Mortar Attack is an attacking game. The whole criteria are about aiming and shoot on your enemy and destroy his position in order to win.
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