Auto Sleuths: Automotive Solutions for Automobile Buyers and Owners

Auto Sleuths

If you are looking for an app that provides automotive service and repair solutions, then you have come to the right place. The Auto Sleuths app is an innovative app that is designed to help car buyers and owners with vehicle inspection, maintenance and repair.

The important features of the app are:

Hire highly skilled technicians to conduct pre-purchase vehicle inspection
Hire maintenance specialists capable of performing routine vehicle maintenance, such as tune ups, fluid checks and tire rotation
Hire qualified auto repair technicians to fix vehicle issues, including damaged and inoperable vehicles
Get modifications, upgrades and other similar services by posting a simple job description
Find the right technician by sorting through technician profiles
Negotiate with your technician to come to a mutually satisfactory price
Rate the service your technician provides


Auto Sleuths: Automotive Solutions for Automobile Buyers and Owners Sunil Sharma
User Interface
Car Service
Repair Service
Have you ever had a problem with your car, but were left completely and utterly bewildered when you popped the hood in hopes of fixing it.Many time when we face some problem in our car or bike in the middle of the journey and it is very frustrating Auto Sleuths helps users obtain repair services for all types of vehicles. The app also provides access to many additional services, including inspection, component installation, and custom repair jobs. Whether you need an oil change or the engine light has suddenly come on, this app has solutions for all your automotive needs! Repair your car and vehicles and fix your all vehicles problems. Auto Sleuths provides best motor vehicle maintenance facility at affordable cost. Get help for all your automotive needs from the convenience of your mobile device. Auto Sleuths maintenance facility provide a high quality of repair services such as car repair, vehicle troubleshooting, brakes, exhaust systems, transmissions and more things.
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