Broom is all about playing with witch

Broom is all about playing with witch

Would you like to help out witch in finding her broom? If yes then a new application has been launched named as Broom. It’s an RPG game where you need to help the witch in her fly. It’s because she lost her broom. Now she needs your help in the fly. Meanwhile, you need to collect coins and help her in bouncing.

Broom Features:

As far as if the features of this game are considered, it is having colorful graphics that make it more compatible with kids. To share it on the different media there is also a sharing option. Moreover, there are kid’s mode and rewards.

Playing strategy:

Broom is an RPG game. In this game, your main task is to collect coins. As a player, you need to draw springs under the clouds. Like this, the witch could jump forward. All the birds will let you fly with the broom for some moment. In this playing, when you will get the green elixirs and this helps in jumping higher. It’s an endless game so one could play it continuously. All you need to collect as many coins as you can.

Last thought:

Broom is a nice game especially for those who love Halloween fun. It could be played by anyone regardless of the age factor. At last, I would say that you guys can download this app and avail the real fun. Surely you will enjoy with pretty witch. Don’t worry about her!!

Broom is all about playing with witch Sunil Sharma
Broom is a mobile app that having witch fun. It’s a RPG game in which your main task is to help witch in flying.
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