Mira's Birthday Story

Mira’s Birthday Story is an interactive children story app

Description: Birthday excitement is something for which every child is excited. Here in this review, I will share my own experience about the app which is named as Mira’s Birthday Story. It’s a mobile app which is available for the iOS platform. This app is all about a girl character named Mira’s Birthday Story. Also, there would be many interesting activities like driving the bus, cleaning the be... »

HWAD is nice reading and writing application

HWAD is nice reading and writing application

Description I love to read books and I am always seeking those applications which are about reading. Meanwhile recently I download one app name as HWAD. It stands for “How We Are Different”. The app is based on “How I Am Different” which is well-reviewed book Thom Kudla. The app is quite interesting one. Also, it having mood tracking feature which makes it ideal to use. Features: Making an account... »

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree – Interactive Books For Kids

Children’s books are known for their beautiful illustrations, with pages full of bright colors and descriptive pictures. The illustrations are key to keeping a child engaged in the story. Many may wonder if a child can get as much from an e-book as a book. The answer is yes, they can get just as much and more through reading books on an iPad. Not only can they read the story, but they can also int... »