Pre-K Preschool

Enhance The Quality Of Learning Skills In Children

When you think about preschool, you probably get afraid that your child too small to be placed in a structural environment. Don’t get worried about that, and preschool can help your child in many ways. During that time, they gain a lot because they become exposed to numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and much more. Most importantly, they develop social and emotional skills and learn how to ge... »

Social And Mental Health Matters: An App That Knows It Well

Social And Mental Health Matters: An App That Knows It Well

Team of Feelu wanted to create something that would nourish the child. In the ever-growing fast world, there has to be something that would encourage a child to have moral values. Feelu is the product of brainstorming done to help kid evolve as emotionally balanced personality. Features Interactive as well as informative: Your kid will love when you will help him/her explore the new world of feeli... »

Preschool Kids Learning Games

Preschool Kids Learning Games is all about learning and fun

Description: Learning with fun is having different kind of taste. Whenever a child learns with all fun it helps in grabbing the things quickly. So here I introduce you to one application named as Preschool Kids Learning Games. It is a mobile app which is available for the iOS platform. Preschool Kids Learning Games Features: HD Quality pictures and images Flashcards and engaging game modes Sound e... »

Fruits & Tots is a simple tap and play platform for kids

Fruits & Tots is a simple tap and play platform for kids

Description: Fruits & Tots is a really awesome app for kids in terms of learning and playing. This game is offering the best of the platform for learning to kids. After accessing this application, I found this application very simple and easy to use. The main fun and attraction in this application are all about different puzzles which developers presented. From the name itself you can predict ... »

Learning Games 4 Toddler Kids

Learning Games 4 Toddler Kids

Description Learning Games 4 Toddler Kids game is a perfect game that I would like to highly recommend. It is having all the good features that I seek in an ideal game. The game is mainly for kids and it focuses on learning part of kindergarten. To know more please be continue with your reading as I will introduce many things about this app. Features: 6 top level main categories 146 matching level... »

Business English Listening

Business English Listening is a gateway for good English

The English language is having its own importance as is spoken out globally. If you are professional, then this language helps you a lot. There is a lot of ways through which you can make you perfect in this language. But one way which I like most is Business English Listening app which is available for Android & iOS. I download this app as per my friend’s suggestion. The app is full of user-f... »


Speacher is your digital teacher to improve your knowledge

Speacher is your digital teacher that allows you to learn whatever you want by the simple question and answer principle. Speacher will ask you a question and you easily give the answer by saying it. It’s the perfect preparation for tests and exams as well as a great helper if you just want to learn something new. With dozens of supported languages Speacher is also perfect for learning new la... »