Catphish – The Best iOS App For Truth Or Lie Detector


Nowadays, there are a lot of innovative apps are available in the app store. While talking about innovation, here comes the Catphish app for you, which is very much useful for you to increase your detective skills and become King Sherlock. In this app, you can create your own story and then record it and share it through this app. While creating a story, you can add some lie, so that, you can challenge your friends or other peoples to find the lie in it. This is the best game to enhance your detective techniques to the core.

In case, you want to be a King Sherlock, then you can find the lie in your friend’s short story. Really it is a fun-filled game with some activity needed in your brain. Apart from your friend’s video, you can also watch videos of other peoples and find whether it has a lie or not. If you are interested to be a Catphish, then you no need to look at others video. You have to post your own story with some lies in it. You have to be very careful in adding lie in the story. Everyone should get confused with your story so that it will be tough to find the lie. After that, you can easily win the King Catphish leader spot daily.

Each and every time you win, you can share your achievements on your profile, and then everyone can able to view it effectively. Mainly this app is developed on the process of Sherlock vs. Catphish, where you have to choose your side after opening this app. Within a short period of time, this app gains more popularity among iOS users. Each and every day more number of peoples is using this app for their entertainment purpose. Apart from entertainment, sure you can able to enhance your detective knowledge to the next level. This is the major highlight of this app. so download this detective app and have fun with your friends. Really you will feel amazing through the features of this game.

Catphish – The Best iOS App For Truth Or Lie Detector Sunil Sharma
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