Chum World Grand Maze is an interesting and addictive game

Chum World Grand Maze is an interesting and addictive game

There are so many games on my mobile phones but no one can beat Chum World Grand Maze. The game is really an interesting one and a great source of passing the spare time. The playing strategy is simple enough to understand the mission. Trust me it’s an addictive game which you will once start playing you will not stop yourself to play it again and again.

Features of Chum World Grand Maze:

  • There are no Ads during playing
  • Various worlds to go through
  • Multilevel
  • No need of Wi-Fi
  • No permission of phone needed
  • Colorful graphics
  • Sound and music
  • Magical carpets
  • 50+ of a puzzle and challenging mazes

How to play this game?

From my point of view, the game is simple enough to understand but it requires brainstorming to play. The whole scenario is that you need to collect all Golden keys which are visible through controlling the character of the game. Mind it sure that you can move the character right to left and top to bottom only. Once it starts moving it will not get stop until it collides with the plant. You can’t stop that in between or change the direction of the character.

Find the hidden items and solve the tricks. Avoid bombs and other obstacles. Once you complete the level the next level will get unlock and you will be promoted to that. It will start with an easy level but as you will reach to next level, the difficulty level gets high.

At last, I would like to say that Chum World Grand Maze is a challenging game but quite interesting. So download it and play it.

Chum World Grand Maze



Chum World Grand Maze is an interesting and addictive game Sunil Sharma
Game play
Challenging level
Chum World Grand Maze is a puzzle game which has a task to collect golden keys and complete the mission. It’s a fun game for all age group players.
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