Decay Z is horror and thrill survival game with enjoyment

Decay Z is horror and thrill survival game with enjoyment

I usually like to play a survival game. It is because they are giving more enjoyment than any other game. Here I’m telling you about Decay Z which is also one of the good survival games. The main attracting point is that it is having an interesting story behind its gameplay. There is a project called “iCarus” which is secret and establish by a group of nations. In this project, they sent a group of people to find a new earth called Utopia.

Unfortunately, there is some Z-Virus in some supplies and any people who come in contact with that infection get infested. After getting infected, it starts attacking everything. The scientist who is also the leader of iCarus project cut off the electricity to protect the last group. From this the power reactor gets damage. Now the last group makes everything normal.

Now the main task of the player is to protect this group. In this game, you will find many enemies and you need to defend the spacecraft. This is an RPG i.e. Role Play Game and you need to control your character.

Coming to the feature of the game, it is having dark and spooky graphics which give you a thrilling experience. There is also a good user interface. Multiple weapons are available in this game. The theme of the game is horror based and this game is free to download.

From my point of view, Decay Z game is good enough to carry out the enjoyment of the user. Once you will play this game, I’m sure you people would like to play it again and again. Now to protect the spacecraft is in your hand.

Decay Z


Decay Z is horror and thrill survival game with enjoyment Sunil Sharma
Game play
Challenging level
Decay Z is a survival game with an interesting story. The graphics in the game is of horror based theme. It’s Free to download.
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