Get duty free delivery from different corners of the world using Delivit app

Get duty free delivery from different corners of the world using Delivit app
What if we were to tell you that worldwide shipping is completely free with Delivit? If you have fallen off your chair already, let us whet your appetite further? What if you could have duty free products without even traveling to international airports? That’s exactly what Delivit is meant to do for you.DelivIt is a Mobile app that connects users with worldwide travelers from foreign countries for the purpose of requesting purchase and delivery of foreign goods allowing the users to take advantage of the duty free allowance permitted by certain airports. By simply completing a request form, users can make the request. The app then helps search travelers in Delivit’s database who are traveling and willing to purchase & deliver the desired goods to the location of the app user. Once the deliverer has been chosen, both users can communicate via messenger, and agree upon a delivery fee to be paid to the traveler. The place of delivery can also be decided upon at this point.
So, if you ever wanted to buy baby products or avail the alluring camera discount, this is your time to do so. You can buy globally without worrying about the costs of abroad delivery. The travelers, on the other hand, can make some money by purchasing & delivering products to the requestors. In short, the users save on flights while the travelers get compensated for their efforts made to the requestors. Isn’t it a win-win situation?
★Worldwide shopping without the hassles of worldwide shipping.

★Eliminates duty by allowing you to get custom free products as long as the product is within the allowed custom free limit of the traveller.

★Delivery fee helps compensate the deliverer for their efforts.

★Guaranteed reimbursement of agreed product price & delivery fee, if the deliverer doesn’t show up.

★Guaranteed delivery fee paid to the deliverer, if the requester does not pick up the requested product upon agreement.

★Currency converting feature for easy transaction.
Download Delivit app on your mobile to enjoy worldwide cheap products shopping.

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Get duty free delivery from different corners of the world using Delivit app Sunil Sharma
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Our world is becoming the techno world now and as latest gadgets launching daily we want to test and get it as early as possible to check the features. But due to availability to gadgets on a particular country we could not get it after launch. If i tell you that now it’s possible to get any new gadget after launch without custom duty? Yes its possible now with delivit app- a new shopping app which bring the world of shopping on your finger tips. Now no more wait for any product just access the app and place a order, when a traveler get your request ,he/she will contact you,set the price and get your product safely. The app is full of rich features which has currency conversion. Easy to access & make request to delivery products. Guarantee deliver to product. Try this app now its free !!
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