Discover and play all your favorite podcasts with Pods – Podcast Player

Discover and play all your favorite podcasts with Pods – Podcast Player

Offline first, simple and VERY fast podcast player
No on boarding or registration. Focusing on playing and discovering podcasts

We love podcasts, so we made a podcast player that is full featured, beautiful and easy to use.

Key features
⁃ Discover: Subscribe to any podcast in iTunes and more.
⁃ Browse by charts, networks and categories
⁃ Share quotes from any podcast, unique feature
⁃ Spread the word with podcast and episode sharing
⁃ Search on episode names
– Start and stop player using 3Dtouch
⁃ Search on episode or podcast descriptions
⁃ Supports dynamic links share and open podcasts within the app
⁃ Lista and edit locally downloaded podcasts
⁃ Play podcasts in different speeds 1/2,x 1x and 2x
⁃ Control the player from your headphone
⁃ Download podcast episodes from all views
⁃ Stream podcasts
⁃ Saving your last played episode
⁃ Displaying time left of any started podcast episode
⁃ Works on iPhone and iPad
⁃ If you are missing something pleas let me know i love to develop new stuff. 🙂

Discover and play all your favorite podcasts with Pods – Podcast Player Sunil Sharma
Share Quotes
Stream Podcasts
Edit Podcast
3D Touch Interface
Podcasts are a fantastic source of entertainment and knowledge. Providing you with a radio show that’s specific to your needs and interests, they’ll keep you hooked while you’re on your daily commute, going for a leisurely walk, or working out at the gym. Podcasts are more popular than ever thanks to cultural sensations like Serial, but how are you supposed to listen to them? Apple’s own Podcasts app got off to a rough start and isn’t the best choice. But for years now, outside developers have been filling the gap and producing stellar podcast apps with a ton of useful features. Which one you pick can say just as much about you as the shows you’re subscribed to. At a bare minimum, these apps should help you find new podcasts that match your tastes and remove all the hassle from subscribing, downloading new episodes, and making playlists for your commute or wherever it is you do your listening. But the best of the bunch goes far beyond these basics and add other perks that can save you time, improve audio quality, and more. iOS has its own stock Podcast app, but that only scratches the surface when it comes to functionality. Pods - Podcast Player by Miguel Krantz is a better way to discover and play all your favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime and works in offline mode also. it allows you to automatic downloads of your latest episodes. You can search your favorite by episode names. It also displays time left of any started podcast. It automatically save your last podcast. You can also control the podcast by your headphone. You can customize the podcast speed as per your requirement. The player works great with iPhone 's 3D touch interface
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