Do the best motorbike stunt with Wheelie Rider 3D

Do the best motorbike stunt with Wheelie Rider 3D


There are so many games on my mobile but no one can beat Wheelie Rider 3D. It’s one of those games which I like to play in my free time. I’m playing this game from long time after playing here is my experience. This game application is available on the iOS platform. To know more, continue with your reading.

The features of Wheelie Rider 3D are all about its realistic game graphics and sound. Customize and upgrade your motorcycle. Awesome motorcycle stunts on your bikes. The game control is responsive. To check your performance, there are online leaderboards which will show the best player from around the world. There are different types of challenges like time challenge, drifting challenge, wheelie challenge. There are 4 different graphics settings like low, medium, high and ultra. There are 300 challenging levels.

As far as if the playing strategy is considered, the game is simple enough to play. Only you need to tilt the phone to move the motorbike to the right or left side. While riding, you can also perform the stunt, wheelie and drift with the help of buttons. Police will chase you, so you need to be attentive in this game.

It’s my personal suggestion to you all that you must give 110% attention while playing this game. If you like real challenge facing and don’t like to surrender easily then this game is the perfect place for you.

Wheelie Rider 3D is an addictive game that once you will start playing, you will surely not be able to resist yourself to play it again and again. Moreover, have a safe ride. Good Luck!!




Do the best motorbike stunt with Wheelie Rider 3D jp
Game play
Challenging Levels
Wheelie Rider 3D is a classic motorbike game in which player can do bike stunt. It’s having different challenging levels and option to customize the bike.
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