Download any favorite video from HD Video Downloader

HD Video Downloader

Watching any video is really entertainment full. Most of the people face problem in downloading the videos. Here I introduce to HD Video Downloader app which is all about getting the video from various websites for free. As per my personal experience, it is a really nice app to get the favorite video.

This app is made for the purpose of making the downloading of video easy and fast. It is available at Google play store for Android platform.

Top Features:

  • Download multiple videos
  • AD Filters
  • Well equipped browser
  • Choose your data mode
  • Supporting various video formats like mp4, mov, flv, wmv, mts etc.
  • Simply designed with a good user interface

In this app, a person can download the video without downloading video ads. Choose whether you want to choose cellular data or not. There is also an option to delete personal data.

It does not allow downloading the video from YouTube. You can download up to 5 videos at maximum. The location of the downloaded videos will be SD card/HDV downloader.

Download any favorite video from HD Video Downloader Sunil Sharma
Video quality
User interface
Ads filter
User Rating: 4.8 (2 votes)

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