Experience the UPI based Payment Feature in WhatsApp in India

whatsapp upi based payment

Good news for the WhatsApp user as they can now experience the payment service on this messaging platform. This feature is called UPI, stands for Unified Payment Interface which will enable the user to transfer the money or receive the same through their UPI-linked bank accounts.

This feature is just like voice calling feature which you received. But to enjoy this feature, a user has to first ensure that he or she has bank has UPI enabled account. Also, your friend should have this feature.

Name of the banks which are UPI enabled

  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Yes Bank
  • Airtel Payments Bank

How to access WhatsApp UPI Feature?

Using this feature is very easy as you all are familiar with WhatsApp you all will get this easily understandable.

  1. Go to your friend’s WhatsApp profile (In case if you already have this feature)
  2. Tap the attachment
  3. Click on Payment option
  4. You will see the payment option in the setting option in your profile
  5. Invite your friend

Note: Error may occur saying your friend doesn’t have UPI feature but actually they just enabled the feature. Moreover, the feature is available only at mobile application and not on web of WhatsApp

Key benefits of WhatsApp UPI features:

This feature will give you fast and secure of money transfer. Also, you don’t need to download any other fund transfer related apps so this will save your storage space in the device.

Apart from WhatsApp, the other applications like Paytm, Truecallers and Hike are also about to offer some money sharing features. This will let the user to feel the smooth transaction of money.

Kindly also note that WhatsApp has not officially announced this feature for everyone but it may rolled out soon. It will be available for both iOS & Android platforms.  You have to wait for a while.

Experience the UPI based Payment Feature in WhatsApp in India
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