Explore everything with Places Explorer

Explore everything with Places Explorer


It happens sometimes that we travel any place and there is a requirement of exploring. It could be anything like a restaurant, place, nearby direction etc. For this purpose, traveling app can be like a boon. Here I will introduce you to one application named as Places Explorer. The main purpose of this app is to make it easy for a user to explore everything nearby the location.

Whenever we travel to the unknown place we need some guidance about that place. This app solves this problem by providing all kind of important information about a particular place. Let’s see some of the key features of this app.

Features of this Places Explorer:

  • Different categories like food & drink, public transport and many more
  • Option to increase the radius for searching
  • Weather forecast for the place
  • Changing of the city
  • Sharing on the different social media
  • Real-time instruction and road signs
  • Option to add your favorites
  • Facility to check the picture and reviews of the place
  • Easily hiring of the taxi
  • Easy and user-friendly approach
  • Live information about the traffic
  • AR (Augmented Reality) technology
  • Real-time instructions and road sign

How to use this app?

Talking about the using of this application, it is quite simple and easy to use it. There is no requirement of the registration or any other thing. Just download and install the app. After that use this app as per your requirement. The user can easily explore the places to visit or restaurant to grab the best food. Just tap once and everything will be on screen.

Benefits of this app:

The main benefit of this application is all about an easy exploring of the location. It is easy to find a nearby location, restaurant and other places to visit. One can do this for any city in the world. The tourist can easily get all information just by one tap. This saves a lot of time.

Last words:

As per my experience, places explorer is the best traveling application. It actually gives out all the solution of common problems which we usually face during traveling to the unknown place. I would like to recommend this app to every traveler. Planning for a trip? Don’t forget to download Places Explorer.



Explore everything with Places Explorer Sunil Sharma
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